The Swastika

An ancient symbol misunderstood

Ursa Major and Ursa Minor in relation to Polaris.

The symbol of the Swastika goes back over 11,000 years and is believed to have originated in the Harappan or Pre-Harappan period and the culture of the Indus Valley Civilization. There is also a mention of the Swastika in the Vedas around the same time.

The swastika, an Indian symbol of peace and continuity came into ill repute because of the Nazi regime in Germany who took it as their emblem. But they may not have had any idea what it represented. Unfortunately most people still look on the symbol with some disgust due to this recent chapter in our history, but elsewhere in the

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A Background on Hinduism

A science embedded in culture

B. B. Vishnu discusses the myths and facts of India. Some of the dates have been revised since this video was made. The Harrappan civilisation existed before 6000 BC and the Rig Veda as old if not older. Characters like Rama and Krishna who were thought to have been mythological characters have been proved to be actual people who lived some 5000 years ago.

Theory has the ancient port city of Dwarka as being built/ occupied about 1600BC, however some think that it was submerged at the end of the last ice age when ocean levels rose. Much of history as has been learned in the West attributes a great deal to the Arabs,

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The Science in Hinduism

A scientific understanding of our universe

A modern scientific view of our universe

Within what people refer to as Hinduism there is a fundamental desire to know or understand the nature of reality and our place in the universe, and to be free of all suffering.

Within the subcontinent of India and its surrounds, people became seekers of knowledge and not believers and any particular thing. For something to be true, it must be verifiable and over the past thousands of years this knowledge has been accumulated within the books referred to as Vedanta.

Today the majority of the worlds population is being driven by beliefs and many of these beliefs cannot be verified and in fact

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Yoga for Healing

Celebrated as a gift of life

There is no knowing when yoga really began, but there is a solid history going back 15,000 years showing how the nature of teachings have changed, yet the essence remains the same. It is the technology of being human that evolved into Dharma and shaped what is referred to as Hinduism.

No one really knows about the people who lived before then let alone what they thought and how they lived, but what is clear is that yoga began either in India as we know it today or in very close proximity, and we must remember that India’s borders have shrunk. 200 years ago Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and part of

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The Christian Agenda in World War 111

A game of numbers

In a way you could say that there is a global game of Monopoly going on, the players are the Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, capitalism and US imperialism.

These groups are seeking control of the market share and the hearts and minds of every citizen for their own pleasure. These games are intensifying as the Islamic influx into Europe is beginning to spark confrontations between secular groups, but from the position of an outside observer and possibly to the Christian church, Europe is becoming a lost cause with France being staged to become the first fully Islamic European country within the next 20 years.

We have seen the general decline in Christianity in Europe and North America

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Indian History

Myths, Legends and Deliberate Misinformation

One of India’s most famous temples in Maharashtra

If you were to ask a random selection of Indian people about the history of the India, you would get as many different stories as people to whom you asked the question. This is because as the history of the world and human origins is a mystery, India seems like the epitome of all mysteries.

When we look back and think if we evolved from the apes, some of the evidence says maybe but some of it says not. When we look at the global landscape and the anomalies in the historical record without going into what is referred to as “forbidden archaeology” it is very

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India's Caste System

Varṇa and social history

The caste system in India has intrigued visitors to the country, yet it was exploited by those who sought to rule over India. Within India today there is controversy and there are even efforts being made to ban the caste system, so does it really exist, what are its origins and purpose?

Actually class systems exist all around the world and in the West, caste demarcations refer to social class and wealth. It has been traditional in Western society that children received a level of education and went into the same work as their parents. The son of the blacksmith became a blacksmith and the son of the trader also became a trader.

On the whole,

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It looks like chaos, but there is order

The capital city of Maharashtra and formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is India’s largest city with a population of over 18 million or even more depending on how one sees the city boundaries.

Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India and home to the Bollywood film industry. Sometimes budget travellers are invited to be movie extras which is quite novel and pays a few rupees, but not enough to pay for accommodation.

For budget traveller, the Salvation Army Guest House located adjacent to the Taj Hotel is central and convenient to explore the down-town area while those more well heeled can stay in five star luxury at the Taj.

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The Verge of Extinction

I mean, should this concern you?

If you pay any attention to the news, you’ll hear the stories about global warming and the decline and even extinction of some species. On one side we have experts arguing that global warming is a fantasy and on the other side of the argument, our climate is becoming more volatile and the oceans are rising; facts which cannot be disputed.

In every country there are species of insects, reptiles and birds and animals that are already extinct meaning that they no longer exist. Yet we live in a biosphere where every organism is mutually dependent on all the other organisms in the surrounding environment.

The extinction of many species is seen by the

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Ayurvedic Milestones

Milestones in the Development of Ayurveda

And the WHO Report on the growing demand for Ayurvedic Medicines.

Source: Department of Ayurveda, Govt of India

Divine origin of Ayurveda from Lord Brahma – Dates back to origin of human race 5000 BC – Mention of various references on Health, Diseases and Medicinal Plants in Rig-veda and Atharv-veda 1000 BC – Origin of Attreya and Dhanwantari School of Ayurveda 600 BC – Documentation of Charaka Samhita 500 BC- Documentation of Sushruta Samhita 1100-1800AD – Advent of Muslim Rulers and start of the Decline of Ayurveda 1800 AD – Resurrection of Ayurvedic system of Medicine under the rule of Peshwas 1827 – Classes in Ayurvedic medicine opened in Government Sanskrit

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