The Cost of Progress

And how do we value life?

As a species we generally say that we believe all life is sacred and we respect our fellow human beings. But these two ideas are in relation to the one’s own survival and perhaps one’s community. Every year countless lives are lost in conflict organised by people who should know better. Every year countless lives are lost in construction and the production of our technologies. In some regions, farmers are so badly treated that they resort to suicide.

When we look at conflict, the argument may be over land or resources to create new technologies yet behind this is a small collective who believe that they have the right to send the youth of

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Frack Off Part Two

An uneconomic option

Stories about fracking occasionally feature in our media which by and large are controlled by corporate interests that have no interest in human values, human rights for protection of the environment. Our media typically labels environmentalists, complainers and those made sick by industry as kooks and crackpots who should not be listened to.

It really is time to wake up and notice how much of our environment is being decimated by the oil industry. Around the world it is estimated that many millions of tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year were in addition to overfishing, the world’s fish population is being decimated by this toxic waste. As well as plastic pollution, there is

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