Sex therapy

An all too common story labelled as love in decline

Benjamin was a brash dominating man who expected his wife of five years to be the perfect wife. That entailed keeping house and serving all his needs. He was not particularly unkind or inconsiderate, he was simply emulating his father’s behaviour toward his mother who suffered from chronic depression.

For the first year, Maryann was happy. Her girlfriends were envious because she had made a good catch, but behind the scenes the novelty was wearing off. It was not that she didn’t love Benjamin, it’s just that they were losing their spark and in his mind, it was her fault.

As her interest in sex wore off and life became

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An Escape From Hell

The Story of a A Muslim Wife

Hello, my name is Selena and because so many people have asked what my life was like before I escaped this is the story I would have told them. I was born into a respectable Muslim family but I was married off to Mustapha when I was only 12 years old. His first wife Aisha who was 17 at the time disliked me because when I got married my husband wanted to have sex with me all the time. But after submitting to her authority and my husband lost interest in me and we slowly became friends.

We shared dreams of a Western lifestyle free of the chains that bound us to our

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Tales of infidelity

The experience and feedback

Anon writes: I won’t tell you my name but I’ve been married for five years and having decided to put off having kids until after I turned 30, we’d been working hard to build our dream home. We hadn’t gone too far overboard in terms of debt, but I’m sure this was one of the major factors upsetting our relationship.

In those first few years of courtship and marriage we both had good paying jobs and a great deal of confidence, so we had sex often and everywhere. But in some-ways it seemed too good to last because my work

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Tales of Infidelity

A wife’s indulgences part one

Hi there, I’ve known for several years that quite a few acquaintances have been sleeping around outside of their marriages and it’s pretty hard to conceal because people gossip and brag. My friend Jenny had quite a thing going on with their gardener until one day her husband came home and caught them. They live four doors away and one day I actually heard them screaming at each other, but the next day they were as normal as ever although the gardener was sacked.

Then there was Nancy and Ted who lived opposite us, he was having an affair with his secretary but when his wife found out they divorced and we have some charming

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Ambers Mum

Down but not out in the UK

I was married when I was at 18 mostly because I had to and I gave birth to my daughter Amber when was 19. The experience was enjoyable except that my partner Steve seemed to be forever off chasing other girls. He was always a bit wild but he began to settle down after Amber was born and managed to hold on to regular work.

Our relationship was always rocky and we argued about almost everything although I loved making up afterwards. I didn’t mind that he spent more time playing sport and hanging out with his workmates because it made life much easier but I really missed the sex that we used

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Pushing boundaries

Qatari Princess Shaikha Salwa’s Sexual Scandal With Seven Men

It is often said that gossip makes the world go round and such stories should be left out of the media. But this is such a juicy tale that gave the world’s media organisations a field day.

The context is patriarchal and moral. Probably millions of men have had sex with multiple partners over the space of weeks and if anyone finds out, they are seen as heroes. Should any man be discovered in bed with seven women, he would be seen as a god.

However when a woman has such a strong libido, she is condemned and her family often suffers some disgrace. Civilisation only pretends to be moral

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Victoria’s Adventures

Living with a strong libido pt 3

From parts one and two

Sex as a useful hobby

Stephen was also not pleased about a new subdivision and that morning Victoria went into the pub a little earlier than usual where after a little flirting and giving a blow job to the publican, he revealed all he knew about the proposed subdivision which really wasn’t very much, but a few people in the village were concerned. So Victoria went door-knocking and she found a handful of people who also objected and by midday they’d organised a committee to find out more and organise some opposition.

After lunch she phoned Stephen and conveyed the news, and as she was speaking

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Boxing day

A Christmas Tale

Part four of a Xmas let go. Pt3Pt1

As I drove to work, I reflected that my family had only been gone for 24 hours and in their absence I’d had some amazing sex with three different guys. Part of me wanted to feel guilty, but what Dave and other people I knew said about relationships made perfect sense. I wasn’t about to have any more kids because I had my tubes tied after my last child was born and I arrived at the office are feeling very satisfied.

As I went into the building I reminded the security guys to announce my clients before they got on the lift to go up.

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A day in the office

A Christmas Tale

part five of a Xmas let go. Pt4Pt1

I lay in bed reminiscing that yesterday had been rather interesting. I was in no hurry as my only appointment that morning was with one of the senior partners to brief him on what I’d accomplished. I was still in bed when Rick called. It was so nice to see my kids and I wondered what my boys would be like when they were the same age as the two I’d had sex with last night.

I arrived in the office looking suitably professional to be greeted by a huge pile of paperwork delivered from the courts and I was still going through that when

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Tales of Infidelity

Jokes about relationships and infidelity

Savings Plan

A young couple decided that a painless way for them to be able to save money would be for the husband to put all his change into the bedside china piggy bank each time they had sex.

One night, while things were hot and heavy, the husband accidentally knocked the bank onto the floor where it smashed into pieces. Much to his surprise, among the masses of coins, there were also numerous five and ten dollar bills.

“Whats up with all these bills?” he asked his wife.

“Not everyone is cheap as you are!” she replied.

Fidelity Questioned

Two women friends had gone for a girl’s night out. Both were very faithful and

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