The Female Deer Exercise

Yoga Asana Series

Awakening the Goddess Within

It is thought that this simple Qi Gong exercise to increase Women’s Vitality, Sexual Health, Fertility and Pleasure has its roots in tantra and can be performed once or twice daily, except during menstruation or pregnancy.

The Female Deer Exercise tones the female endocrine system, increasing overall vitality, sensuality, centeredness, and turns uncomfortable bottled-up sexual desire into relaxed, enjoyable sensuality. It cultivates sexual energy, improves overall vitality and mental alertness, improves sexual enjoyment, and reduces or eliminates many common women’s ailments. It is simple to perform, takes only a few minutes and is very pleasurable.

Together, the two phases of the female deer exercise spread sexual pleasure and energy throughout the body,

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The Prostate Gland

The facilitator

The prostate is a small round gland (about the size of a walnut). Found only in men, it forms part of the male reproductive system and is located directly below the bladder and wraps around the urethra.

The prostate often continues to grow beyond the age of 40-45 years with abnormal enlargement occurring in 50% of men over 60, and up to 80% of men over 70, which over time which may affect the passing of urine.

Symptoms of prostate enlargement are the need to urinate frequently, or having the feeling that the bladder does not empty completely, or urine dribbling after you have finished peeing.

Prostate problems all have similar symptoms like:

Discomfort deep inside the

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