Benefits of massage

Just some of the things massage is good for

A list of some of the health problems and conditions that massage can help overcome. But remember, massage is not just about helping to restore health when things go wrong, it’s one of the best preventive medicines.

Massage has a long history and proved effective to assist recovery from illness and injuries, or to restore functions that have been lost.

The list below represents some of the conditions that can successfully be treated with massage, however not all therapists are sufficiently trained to address many of these issues.

These conditions improve more quickly with counselling, proper diet and nutrition, exercise, and where appropriate, prescribed medications.

Please note the words remedial and

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Massage for her libido

The sensitivity and power of full body holistic massage (R)

Now semi retired after massaging for many years, I continue to be amazed by the transformative effects of a full body massage. Typically clients are grounded, they become more relaxed and unconcerned with the world around them, but they also become more aware and able to engage with life.

As a male working in the industry, I’ve always had guys wanting extras like hand relief that I’ve never been into. But some women have asked for this service. But what is more significant is women who have lost interest in sex. They are often labelled as frigid and cold, but they lose interest in sex for a variety of reasons

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