Do you want to Live Longer?

Published on 28 Nov 2017 updated June 11 2018 I have written previously on the philosophy of longevity, but here I write about the practical and necessary steps to follow for a longer life. These steps require that you take a degree of self responsibility and decide for yourself how your life is going to play out rather than let it be shaped by others. If you are able to become responsible for yourself and determine your own actions, you will in fact be the boss of your own life with some control as to the how and when of ending.

All living things in this existence must come to an end

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Okinawan Diet

A diet for health and longevity

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Residents on the small Japanese island of Okinawa in the Ryukyu archipelago south of mainland Japan live longer on average than many other cultural groups and some say they are the longest lived people with lifespans of 100 – 115 years of age common and many well documented studies have been made to support this claim.

In addition to a longer life, there are fewer incidences of the diseases that plague the Western world such as heart disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Scientists are so impressed that they generally agree that by adopting an Okinawan style diet, it is possible to retard or

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Age and Time

A journey through life

Can we stay forever young?

For most people, ageing is simply a biological process and it affects all things, not just the living and humans, yet even the universe we reside in changes or ages over time.

As we age through childhood and adolescence we become stronger and are more inclined to celebrate life and have a sense of timelessness. As we age through mid life, our awareness shifts as we settle to build a home and raise families, time becomes more important. When this is done we begin to notice time moving faster and eventually we slow down and our bodies lose their strength before death takes us, facts that many try to avoid.

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Price of Life

What’s The Right Thing To Do?

Thanks to modern medical technology we are enabling people to live longer yet many of those lives are compromised and the people whose lives have been prolonged require continual social and medical support.

This raises questions like how long should we keep people alive? In some countries voluntary euthanasia has been legalised giving people who still have their mental faculties intact can choose to move on yet all around the world there are a great many people being kept alive even though they have very little cognizance of life and that maintenance of their lives is more to do with the emotional attachments of family members.

Michael Sandel in the video below raises this

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How can we live a healthier, happier and longer life?

The lifespan of human beings has always fluctuated, during some periods in history, the average lifespan of some hunter gatherer groups seldom exceeded 30 years due to inadequate nutrition and a harsh climate while some biblical characters are reputed to have lived for many 100s of years.

Today in the developed world life expectancy is 77 – 83 years of age and anyone who lives longer than this is considered fortunate and an exception, especially when they exceed 100 years. In the less well developed world life expectancy is lower with an average lifespan of 35 – 60 years and anyone living beyond 80 years is exceptional.