A History of Sex

And the evolution of the human condition

For many people, sex is something of a mystery, an obsession, highly pleasurable but also highly regulated. Some say that sex is a part of our primal nature and akin to the essence of life itself in part because every second, millions of cells are being born within our bodies.

Sex is elemental to life without which we would not exist. We turn to sex in the desire to breed, sharing joys, relieving sorrows and despite all the different moral codes around the world, and all ways of relating over our history, sex is not well understood and often badly performed.

Sex is one of the most obvious features of our dualistic world

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Sex Talk

Discovering the basis of our mating games

Sex is most people understand is the act of having sex, coupling or having intercourse however you like to describe it. But we also like to think of sex as being something sexy but sex is not always sexy. Quite often sex is something purely functional, it releases stress and maintains the bonds in relationship’s. sexuality, sexy, mating, reproduction,But unfortunately so many people when they go to have sex are dumbfounded that it is not sexy and consequently their relationships and sex lives may be lacking.

Sex can be an act of love, connection and procreation, it can be about control and other perversions. But sexiness is an aesthetic ideal and

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