Diet & Lifestyle

Planning for a healthy future

We start our lives in ignorance, and lets face it, many parents are ignorant of what constitutes a good lifestyle, diet and nutrition. That means that as we grow up with a less than ideal diet and lifestyle, we are laying foundations for ill-health and a short life.

As we live our lives in ignorance, it takes some time before some sickness intrudes and reminds us of our mortality. Then we look for a fix, but by then most fixes are best temporary and the only way to make a change permanent is to wake up and make those essential diet and lifestyle changes.

While there are countless diet and weight loss programs,

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The Evolution of Meat

A divergence from nature

The Belgians are known for one or two odd experiments, and this is the genetically modified, hyper-sculpted and ultra-muscular physique of the Belgian Blue.

We can only presume that humans have always eaten meat, but as we came through into the modern era, in most parts of the world meat remained a luxury and not the staple food that it is today.

Until the development of agriculture and the domestication of livestock, all meat was from animals that were hunted and trapped. This was real game meat and the quality of that meat depended on the nature of the animal and the quality of its life.

In nature there are lions and other carnivores that

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The Case for Vegetarianism

A solution to many current health problems

Ideas about what we should eat have been circulating since time immemorial, but by and large what we have eaten in the past has been purely based on individual needs for survival. There was a time when there were plenty of game animals and then we moved on to farming.

Economics came to play a role in what we ate, in many countries those who were poor ate what they could grow or gather, and those who were more affluent ate meat. In some ways this scenario is little changed because meat has become such an expensive commodity.

During the period of rapid cultural shift post World War II, millions of people became

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Diet and Nutrition

The foods we eat

Is our food sustaining us or killing us?

We are what we eat, and we eat for reasons other than hunger. Some people do not get enough – and some of us eat to much.

But what is most important is the quality of our food because it is the quality of our food that determines the health of our bodies, our quality of life and longevity.

It is well documented and scientifically proven that what is generally referred to as a healthy diet gives us a longer and healthier life than we would otherwise have then living on junk foods.

During the Second World War, a lot of thought went into supplying troops with nutritious

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