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Two Girls

Forming attitudes and opinions

Everyone has an opinion about almost everything and opinions shape attitudes which in turn shape lives. Here we have an article about dress code and various opinions.

In this scenario, these two young ladies went to a meeting and you have to admit, they do look gorgeous. Well their faces are not the most pretty, but their manner of dress makes them look hot and most men would probably like to think ‘sexually available’.

In fact, a lot of people would think that girls dressed like this are hookers or sex workers whereas they are not. They are simply two girls who enjoy their physicality, they like to be seen as attractive and they enjoy people

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The Fly

There was a fly buzzing around a barn one day when he happened on a pile of fresh cow manure. Due to the fact that it had been hours since his last meal, he flew down and began to eat. He ate and ate and ate. Finally, he decided he had eaten enough and tried to fly away. He had eaten too much though, and could not get off the ground.

As he looked around wondering what to do now, he spotted a pitchfork leaning up against the wall. He climbed to the top of the handle and jumped off, thinking that once he got airborne, he would be able to take flight. Unfortunately he was wrong and dropped like

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Why is there such a thing as morality and what is it?

Morality is a word which comes from the Latin word moralitas which means “manner, character or proper behaviour”. Morality has its origins in mankind’s basic desire for peace and harmony however its based on desire, delusion and judgements against ourselves (the original sin) similarly as the origins of religion.

There has been a lot of work put in by Lawrence Kohlberg and others, however such ideologies tend to be based on modern day status in relation to wealth and power with morality slanted to protect status and authority which becomes a legal argument forced on the subjugate population for control over individuals and society.

To arrive

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