The essence of life

Akshardham or Swaminarayan Akshardham complex is a Hindu mandir, and a spiritual-cultural campus in New Delhi, India. Also referred to as Delhi Akshardham or Swaminarayan Akshardham, the complex displays millennia of traditional Hindu and Indian culture, spirituality, and architecture. It is a large Hindu temple.

There is such a general disagreement about what constitutes spiritual spirituality and because none can agree at least in the Western world, the fallback position is judgement and morality based on beliefs that are impossible to substantiate.

Perhaps we need to revisit the meaning of the word as ‘moving in accord with the spirit of life’ whereas many who have a spiritual hankering plunge in to the esoteric and

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Yasmeena Ali

Giving the finger to morality

This is a story that everyone should take note to to better understand how Islam functions, it’s cruel reality and implications for Islamic host countries. Born in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime and moved to the UK as a child aged 9, Yasmeena rebelled against the nonsense that ruled her life.  Yasmeena in her speech below gives  a synopsis of Islam and living as a Muslim inside ond outside an Islamic country.

What Yasmeena describes as common to the many thousands of people born Muslim and escaped when their sensibility and appreciation of life awakened. That is something that takes great courage as you can really turn their backs on their families and communities. But what is

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Village Life

Work and Lifestyle

A boat was docked in a tiny Mexican fishing village. and a tourist complimented the local fishermen on the quality of their fish and… asked how long it took to catch them.

“Not very long” they answered in unison.

“Why didn’t you stay out longer and catch more?”

The fishermen explained that their small catches were sufficient to meet their needs and those of their families.

“But what do you do with the rest of your time?”

“We sleep late, fish a little, play with our children, and take siestas with our wives. In the evenings, we go into the village to see our friends, have a few drinks, play the guitar, and sing a few songs.

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The Mystery Rock

A dream story

Once upon a time, the residents of a small rural village emerged from their homes one morning to see a huge rock that had mysteriously appeared beside their village. It was very big and took up the space of several houses, the people gathered around guessing about how the rock might have appeared. It was far too big for anyone to move and probably weighed more than 1000 tons.

While all the villagers were bewildered, the family who owned the piece of land that it occupied were most upset because it interfered with their lifestyle. But as the word went around the district, people flocked to see this big rock and the affected family became wealthy by

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A rape game

You may have heard brief mention of this on your local TV news and quickly shut out from your mind. This is a game played by poorly educated young men, they typically gang up on a girl and if they consider they can get away with it, they will sexually molest, tear her clothes off and sometimes rape her.

The current story in the media is that this game is Islamic, but it’s not. It happens all around the world where children are not properly educated and socialised. In the West where kids fear getting into trouble, they seldom go beyond aggravated flirting and touching.

Yet it’s quite common in the world of sport to hear of

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Heaven and Hell

A Reward for service or Eternal Punishment

In the Christian and Islamic traditions, the idea of heaven is like the carrot tied to a stick held in front of a horse – no matter how hard or fast the horse walks, it can never reach the carrot. Conversely, the idea of hell is the stick or incentive to make you carry on.

Sometimes we wish life could be more heavenly.. or just a little easier, but what is heaven and where do we find it? Heaven is often described as an idyllic paradise where not only are all our needs met, all our desires are fulfilled and existence is an unending pleasure. But, it’s only reached after we die as

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Our Sick Society

Undermining the health of the world

“Do as I say stupid humans and suffer while I take my pleasure. “

You may well think of this as the voice of moral authority but it’s time to wake up and realise that the world is becoming increasingly unjust. Most of us as children are told what not to do and yet we see those older than us doing those things. These things by the way are not necessarily harmful, we just told not to do them.

The issue of breastfeeding really highlights how sick this world really is and it’s just as bad as every good Christian bent on killing their neighbours. To find out how we have gone so badly

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The Moral Side of Murder

Is any killing moral or justified?

This debate has come to the fore as extremists blow up people simply to make a point because they are not being heard and other military organisations assassinate those considered a threat to life or industry while the US administration is routinely assassinating people and communities around the world in addition to having caused the death of thousands of its own people in the Twin Towers atrocity like the drone strikes that kill entire families,


In part one of the lecture by Michael Sandel at Harvard University entitled ‘Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do? The question is debated.

If you had to choose between (1) killing

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Why is there such a thing as morality and what is it?

Morality is a word which comes from the Latin word moralitas which means “manner, character or proper behaviour”. Morality has its origins in mankind’s basic desire for peace and harmony however its based on desire, delusion and judgements against ourselves (the original sin) similarly as the origins of religion.

There has been a lot of work put in by Lawrence Kohlberg and others, however such ideologies tend to be based on modern day status in relation to wealth and power with morality slanted to protect status and authority which becomes a legal argument forced on the subjugate population for control over individuals and society.


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And the truth shall set you free

Discussing the philosophy of the whole in order to understand how we arrived where we are today. For students of life, this area is being set out so that your search for answers comes from understanding history, human evolution and developments in understanding.

Philosophy itself is an a rational examination of ideas and relationships, of the truths and principles of being, of knowledge and conduct. Yes as ideas and beliefs are generally not established truths, philosophy is something of a hair brained science.

For example Christian philosophy is based on a belief in God, but God cannot be proved and is therefore simply an idea or belief based on personal and

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