Goddess Kali

The power of the divine feminine to heal and restore

Oh Kali, most compassionate divine mother and protector, may you always guide your children to live righteously, guide them to know the nature of existence and encourage them to express joyously.

So many seek to know the taste of the fruit before they eat and within their ignorance they become stubborn. There is no way of knowing outcomes and yet there is an alignment with proper thought, speech and action which moves one into the future.

The divine mother, the essence of the feminine within each and every one of us is sometimes benevolent as represented by Laksmi or Parvatti, but when we need some serious direction or as some

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Not my virgin ass

Mothers revenge

Since mum’s boyfriend moved out, our relationship has been rather cool. She spelled out that as long as I’m still living under her roof then I have to do as she says although I resented the fact that she’d bought the guy into the house in the first place.

By this stage my young life I seemed to be on good terms with almost everyone except Mum. Almost every guy wanted to fuck me and most of them were happy to wait their turn. Last Friday night I had a quickie with the shopkeeper as we were closing up and then mum gave me a hard time for being late home because on the way a couple of

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