Mister God, This Is Anna

Ancient wisdom manifests in a London six year old

I came across this book, Mister God this is Anna many years ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. Perhaps it inspired me to devote over 40 years of my life to becoming a little more conscious and aware of other dimensions in life beyond the humdrum found by following the crowd. I discovered there were mountains to climb, adventures to be had and if you sat still and listened, sometimes another dimension and life would open.

Such things come about through yoga and meditation such as opening new doorways and windows in the space-time continuum where real magic happens. To get there one needs to sharpen one’s

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The role of the Divine Feminine

Lalita Devi is a divine feminine archetype needing urgent and greater recognition. She is the representation of Shakti in Form. She is aliveness in the most juicy way because of her ability to facilitate the unblocked flow of life. She is Shrichakra Raja nilaya- Lalitha Devi, the divine mother.

There are many representations of Devi as the divine mother, the mother of all mothers and the creative energy of life which gives life to new life. Like all mothers, this energy desires expression in life and it also desires that all life coexist in harmony. We can see this in our mothers today are they will work their fingers to the bone and keep

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What is Dharma?

A mystery to those not knowing the essence of life

To get the best from life, you must love life and treat it with love.Via Vogue and lemonade

Dharma is living in accord with life while sustaining what is known and fruitful for all life.

In other words, to know Dharma in its fullness you must know life in its fullness and that is something few people achieve in their lifetimes. Therefore to know Dharma as a layperson without access to the accumulated knowledge of Vedanta requires a relaxation of beliefs and an openness to explore.

To put it simply, Dharma is a way of being in the world that

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Kundalini Yoga

Divine awakening

Kundalini yoga is largely a western fad laced with misconceptions and half-truths. Popularised by some teachers, kundalini yoga performed without proper guidance can cause very serious physical and psychological problems, therefore it should only be practised under the direct supervision of a qualified guru.

The real question is why one would want to arouse this power when on has yet to master the basics of life? You could say kundalini yoga practice is tempting fate and if you don’t know the basis of life, how can you expect to take conscious control over the core of your being and master it?

There is no real need to do kundalini yoga because if one is living a healthy life,

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Defining Yoga

A path to unity and community

Life co-existing in time and space

Yoga as a word means simply means unity, but yoga as properly understood is a science of ‘self’ – it is a way to answer the age old questions; who am I, why am I here and how can I be happy.

Just think, you and I, we have this body, it’s such an amazing organism yet we know so little about it. Yoga helps to better care for and understand this body in much the same way a good mechanic knows and cares for your car.

We also have an amazing mind; yet it often runs our lives in a way that often causes anxiety,

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