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Kundalini Yoga

Divine awakening

Kundalini yoga is largely a western fad laced with misconceptions and half-truths. Popularised by some teachers, kundalini yoga performed without proper guidance can cause very serious physical and psychological problems, therefore it should only be practised under the direct supervision of a qualified guru.

The real question is why one would want to arouse this power when on has yet to master the basics of life? You could say kundalini yoga practice is tempting fate and if you don’t know the basis of life, how can you expect to take conscious control over the core of your being and master it?

There is no real need to do kundalini yoga because if one is living a healthy life,

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Defining Yoga

A path to unity and community

Life co-existing in time and space

Yoga as a word means simply means unity, but yoga as properly understood is a science of ‘self’ – it is a way to answer the age old questions; who am I, why am I here and how can I be happy.

Just think, you and I, we have this body, it’s such an amazing organism yet we know so little about it. Yoga helps to better care for and understand this body in much the same way a good mechanic knows and cares for your car.

We also have an amazing mind; yet it often runs our lives in a way that often causes anxiety, fear

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Yoga Tantra

The art of transformation

Tantra yoga is not a clear classification within western yoga because for thousands of years it has been passed from master to student, and because of inherent dangers within tantric practices the real knowledge has been kept out of the public domain. So unless one is raised within Hindu or Buddhist societies engaged in tantric practise, understanding tantra in any classical sense is impossible without years of detailed study.

Most hear of Tantra as a new age buzz word that has evolved over the past 50 years. Mention tantra to many people and they think of kinky sex and a mystical union between men and women. This is a limited view because there is no

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