Hair is Beautiful

Increasing numbers of women quit shaving

We all love the hair that grows on our heads and we spend a fortune over a lifetime looking after it. Some people even spend small fortunes trying to retain hair when nature decides otherwise, but then there are varying aspects to body hair.

We have some insight from our history books that the Egyptians and Romans extended personal grooming from basic cleanliness to various hairstyles to the trimming of beards and other ascetics like plucking eyebrows and removing undesired here from other parts of the body.

There is a wide variance between peoples in terms of how much body hair individuals may have. The actual amount is determined by body chemistry, inheritance and

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Lose weight naturally

In search of the ideal

Checkin my trim ass in the mirror

Oh to be slim and have that ideal body. Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve that ideal body because our physical characteristics are based based on our genetics. But while we cannot change the shape of our bones and our foundational features, we can make the best of what we’ve got because we know that fat and out of shape is not healthy.

Some big people live healthy normal lives, but those who live longest have a tendency to be fairly slim with very little excess body fat. We accumulate body fat through poor diet, a poor lifestyle and a lack of exercise.

Unfortunately our diet

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And the truth shall set you free

Discussing the philosophy of the whole in order to understand how we arrived where we are today. For students of life, this area is being set out so that your search for answers comes from understanding history, human evolution and developments in understanding.

Philosophy itself is an a rational examination of ideas and relationships, of the truths and principles of being, of knowledge and conduct. Yes as ideas and beliefs are generally not established truths, philosophy is something of a hair brained science.

For example Christian philosophy is based on a belief in God, but God cannot be proved and is therefore simply an idea or belief based on personal and

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