Sari Tradition

Without blouse – A kick back against colonialism

Whatever country men live in, the majority have a somewhat unhealthy appreciation of the female body because we live in a capitalist and patriarchal society where things are to be possessed. Women for the most part have been chattels in many countries, slaves and baby makers for the men who owned them.

India as a matriarchal civilisation was spared this tradition until midway through the British occupation when they decided that because women in England had no rights, Hindu women should also have no rights. With stroke of a pen they passed a law disinheriting women of their wealth and social status and telling men that they had all the power.

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Girls and Men

What a girl has to cope with

Just think, I am a human female and like most probably dumbed down by my education and layered with expectations to make my parents happy by finding a decent sort of man and having children of my own someday.

To be fair or must state that our social and political environment not to mention our ecological environment leave a lot to be desired. The world is not fair or just and yet one is expected to be “a good honest person” while all around you everyone is fighting and cheating. So how do you cope with this and build a life for yourself?

In addition to all of that, there is school to

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No Underwear

And should it be a problem?

Some people think that going without underwear is a taboo and an act of indecency, however it’s so easy to forget unless underwear it’s a feature of your outfit. Unless one’s skirt is particularly short and you happen to bend over in someone’s view or sit in view with your legs apart, no one is likely to notice and honestly its nice not to have panty lines and sometimes no lines in your skin at the end of the day.

Going braless in some societies can be more problematic if you have bigger boobs or wear revealing tops but society is moving on and going braless is more socially acceptable. My girlfriends thought I

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Flavours in times of of change

Published on: 2 Nov 2014, updated, 2 Nov 2018

Fashion changes by the season and to a large extent is driven by the marketing division of the fashion industry, but it’s really an age-old phenomenon that’s probably existed since before we wore clothes and is inspired by people’s sense of ascetics and comfort.

In some ancient cultures, fashion is irrelevant as people wear traditional costumes although even within those cultures, there is room for subtlety to express better quality, greater comfort and social status. To a large extent the idea of fashion has driven the clothing industry since it began and today it has become something of a monster as the fashions change from

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Going Braless

Moving beyond the bigotry and social injustice

It is rather sad that we live in such a twisted world with different rules for everyone based on their social class. Hollywood and the fashion industry sets a precedent for women to be as daring and minimally clad as possible while the working classes are required to be strapped up and their bodies a tool of industry, not for public display, because that is the role of the glamour model and movie star.

Perhaps this stems from the time when the Romanised version of Christianity became vogue and a tool to help maintain the capitalist empire with privileges for the rich and mundane work for the poor. In terms of wearing

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The Mini Skirt

A freedom and celebration of legs

Tumblr Image

Way back during the Roman era it was the men who wore miniskirts and because it was colder in Scotland, the Scotsman wore kilts. For the modern woman the age of the miniskirt developed back in the 1950s as a new sense of freedom evolved perhaps echoing the sheer and translucent gowns of the flapper era.

As a baby and as babies still do I was told that when I learned to walk, I had a natural aversion to clothing and mum often told tales of me at bath time running naked and when I learned to dress myself or perhaps I should say and dress myself, I would often

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The Protocols of Underwear

Should I wear or not wear undies?

In the modern world we are introduced to underwear as babies and most parents wear underwear because it’s been ingrained and they consider it their moral duty. But since it becomes habitual at such an early age, many people do not even think about it and instead devote their thoughts, energy and money into deciding what underwear is practical, fashionable or suitably seductive.

We must remember that underwear is a modern phenomenon, in ancient times like over 100 years ago the bra was a novelty item and an accessory for the well-heeled fashionistas. But while Victorian women who more often more abortus than a bra to make their boobs look appealing never bothered

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A Girl Learns About Sex

A story about growing up sensibly

Hi Dianna, my names Melanie and you can change the name as you like, I don’t particularly care and since you asked for some first-time sex stories, I’ll tell you about my first experiences and perhaps other kids may learn something.

I’m one of those girls who became a woman at a young age, that is I grew a woman’s figure and began menstruating when I was 10 years old and all the shit that went with it. I guess because I was tallish I carried it better than some girls but for two years I kept my blouses buttoned up and wore these really horrid bras that kind of crushed my boobs not

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Growing Up Sensibly Continued

Melanie continues her story – part one

In my opinion, learning about sex is easy but only if you ignore everyone else’s advice. I listened to girls and guys about their experiences but when anyone tried to tell me what to do, I instinctively switched off to whatever they happened to be saying. As you recall I told you about beginning to have sex at age 11, an age by which a lot of girls are having babies, a lot of Islamic girls in particular are marrying old men or who are being traded for some political favour or kidnapped and sold into the brothels of the world.

You asked me about the morality of what I was doing

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Growing Up Sensibly Pt3

Melanie continues her story – part onepart two

Hi Dianna, after writing in some detail about my first sexual experiences I figure if I continue, it will take me a month of Sundays and I should probably write an entire book. But I have to be practical and there is no way I can continue with such detail so instead I’ll summarise and perhaps describe some of the interesting bits along with my philosophical view.

I haven’t reread what I wrote and I haven’t corrected any spelling errors so picking up from where I left off as I recall as it’s over a month since I wrote that last piece, I’d been swimming and spent an

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