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Oh To Be Fat

A battle to conform or find health?

I’ve discussed a little about our bodies and ourselves, and our need to get over our hangups or learned value judgements primarily because such ideology is limiting and holds us back from success in all avenues of life.

Being too fat or obese is different from being nicely rounded or carrying a few extra pounds. In contrast with anorexia which deprives the body of functional energy, a few extra pounds as a sign of good health and even food security.

Carrying a few extra pounds is not going to stop anyone from doing all the things in life they enjoy, it’s only a few of these people who suffer a

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The Function and Morality of Clothing

The ways we dress and why

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Over these thousands of years we have moved from animal skin cloaks, through a long period of rough-sown garments and simple footwear to highly sophisticated clothing and footwear not only for protection from all manner of extreme conditions, but also to define our character, personal identity and role in life.

Anthropologists think that we humans began wearing clothing about 200,000 years ago as we became a distinct new species, but primarily clothing was to protect ourselves from the elements. It’s quite obvious that we need layers of clothing when the weather it’s cold, waterproof clothing when it rains, and when we are engaged in physical activities related to our work

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Massage; Body and Mind

The magic of touch

Massage is a global industry and one of the most effective treatments for muscular aches and pains, but what is less known is that massage is also helpful in relieving many other health problems including mental and emotional stress.

Physical stress relief

It’s well known that getting out of your head and into your body releases stress and refreshes the spirit. Therefore active people take some responsibility for their lives by engaging in physical activity. For some people it may be running, for others it may be swimming, mountain climbing or yoga, but it can be any activity where winning is not important that challenges body and mind so that they function harmoniously.

By focusing on

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