The White Stone City

Oamaru taxi

In Victorian times, this was a booming town with a busy port and rich agricultural land surrounding it. The wealth which flowed into the town allowed architects of the time to design magnificent colonial style buildings with arched windows, soaring Greek columns and intricate fa├žades. Much of this magnificent architecture has been well-preserved, so walking through the historic area of Oamaru is like stepping back in time, especially as may locals wear period costume.

Most of these building are constructed from Oamaru stone, a type of limestone which is abundant in the area. Oamaru stone is an exceptionally pure kind of limestone. Its purity means that it is easily sawn to any

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Christchurch - Dunedin

Allow 5 – 6 hours. 364 km via SH 1

Highway near Dunedin

There are several routes out of Christchurch, from the central city and it’s usually more convenient to head on to the southern motorway or Blenheim Road which follow out onto State Highway one heading south.

If you’re in the north or west of the city, it is usually more convenient to head for the airport and the city bypass route which joins State Highway one at Hornby.

The traffic is often bumper-to-bumper any time of day, but after Templeton one can usually pick up a little speed and there are even a couple of passing bays before Rolleston. This is one of Christchurch’s newer satellite

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