Pausing the conversation

Defining relationships

I’ve been reading through other people’s stories and ideas about the changes in human relationships. The Christian moral perspective is that anything other than a unrelated male-female relationship is somehow a crime, an attitude that denies the fact that love can exist independently of this ideal. Disease is not discussed, but must be remembered.

So let’s look at some of these situations.

Incest between a father and daughter, or mother and son:

Within some branches of Islam, sex between fathers and daughters, older brothers and sisters is legal and encouraged as is marriage between cousins. But when these relationships produce children, genetic weaknesses and mutations occur giving rise to physical deformities and mental illnesses. This has also

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Growing Up 101

A massage student shares how she sank into decadence and discovered a new dimension

Part one of five.

Hi I’m Maria, I’m in my last year of study for my massage diploma. During term break I was invited by my classmate Gail to stay at her house. I probably would have refused her offer but it was the only best offer on the table but I was a bit concerned about her reputation for indiscriminate sex.

On the train, all she talked about were the men she knew, some she’d massaged, how cute they were and how hot she got. I tried to change the subject which was difficult because we’d agreed to review some of

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Secret affair

A true confession

Hi, my name is Alison and I just have to tell you about my affair. After four years of marriage my romance with Barry was fading. We got on quite amicably and enjoyed our kids aged two and three, and as you may imagine, they are quite a full-time job.

While Barry was at work during the day I’d quite often hang out with my girlfriends who either had kids or just about to. But at the end of year Christmas party for Barry’s work, I got myself into a state because Barry had disappeared and Tony who just lives over our back fence and is married to Hazel told me that Barry had gone to fix

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Romulus and Remus

The beginning of my affair with the twins

I met Noah and Luke toward the end of high school at Spring Break, they are the older guy types that hang around trying to get off with young girls although I don’t have a problem with that. The actual meeting went something like this: I’d just been in one of those wet T-shirt competitions and paraded myself naked in front of the crowd, but it was all over and I took some guys T-shirt so that I could get back to my room without being arrested.

A big group of girls were still keeping the crowd entertained and a couple of girls were making out on

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Out takes

Anecdotal short stories about human sexuality

Brian’s dad

Brian is something of a nerd but he’s a really nice guy. We went out together and fucked a few times though I found talking science all the time was really hard work. Anyhow some time passed and I hadn’t seen him for a while and I needed some help with an assignment, something he was good at.

So I figured I’d surprise him. I had it all planned that he’d help me with my assignment and then I’d fuck his brains out. Wearing one of my shortest skirts and kinda dressed like sex on legs, I knocked and was surprised when his father opened the door. So there I was

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Casual fun

Relationship boundaries

Karen Wilkes was angry, she’d just ended a phone with her husband who’d told her that he was saying in Europe for another week. She missed him, or to be more specific she missed his big fat cock and the pleasure that it gave her. During his month long absence, she had indulged with some men she knew in the neighbourhood, but none were as good as her Derek.

Her son Toby had not long left for school, she’d taken a shower and was fluffing around doing some light housework in the nude as she often did when she was home alone and wondering who she could have sex with today.

She thought about Alistair Meriwether, a semi-retired

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A young girl’s story of being kidnapped (R)

Thousands of girls disappear every year

Nina was walking home, having enjoyed her day at school and she felt delighted with her school companions and the warm sunny afternoon. When they came to her street, she said goodbye to her friends and thoughtfully turned her mind back to the school lesson of the day as she walked the 200 m to her house unaware of the two men behind her until she was grabbed.

Her world went dark, she was bundled into a vehicle, her mouth, hands and feet bound with tape so she couldn’t move, and her head covered with some rough and scratchy cloth which at the moment

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A girls life

Meera was a dissident, as a child her parents thought her strange partly because she was compliant and nice to everyone, but also she loved to sit quietly in the garden and sometimes the birds would land on her.

She loved nature and wondered about her purpose in life. She couldn’t remember when she began masturbating and it had always been an important part of her life. By the time she was 10, her body was beginning to develop and her self-expression of her own sexuality through masturbation was as natural as meditation.

She was top of her class in school and devoured many books by heavyweight authors like Hermann Hesse and Joseph Campbell. She thought that

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Thunder thighs

A pimps misbehaviour is punished

Kelly was tall and wonderfully proportioned. By the time she was 16 years old, she had what many believed to be the perfect female body. She was proud and never slouched even though she was a head taller than most of her classmates. No one is sure really why she grew so fast although some put it down to the fact that her mother worked in a plastics factory.

She’d been balancing two boyfriends and enjoying sex in addition to school and the sports that she loved. She was brilliant at hockey and vital to the school basketball team because once she had control of the ball, few people could stop her.

She lived with

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Dinner with Charles

A diplomatic evening

I’ve known Charles since school and we dated off and on for a few months but never quite stuck though we’d remained friends and fuck buddies. He’s a flashy guy who loves to show off and he’s a little kinky in the bedroom. We’d been out to a few formal dinner parties and I agreed to attend another with him, but I suspected something.

He arranged to pick me up on the way and I was surprised that he arrived a little early, but the reason was that he’d bought me a new dress and shoes. I’m not sure how, but he was spot on with size although the dress was far more revealing than what I

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