A young girl’s story of being kidnapped (R)

Thousands of girls disappear every year

Nina was walking home, having enjoyed her day at school and she felt delighted with her school companions and the warm sunny afternoon. When they came to her street, she said goodbye to her friends and thoughtfully turned her mind back to the school lesson of the day as she walked the 200 m to her house unaware of the two men behind her until she was grabbed.

Her world went dark, she was bundled into a vehicle, her mouth, hands and feet bound with tape so she couldn’t move, and her head covered with some rough and scratchy cloth which at the moment was

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Looking Back

Growing up wild in London

An Interview about developing sexuality with a London family when I was studying sociology and working on my thesis at Oxford. While in London I met these people by chance. While I have changed their names to preserve their anonymity, such stories are not that uncommon as when Lord Boothby was having an affair in the Downing Street flat with Harold Macmillan’s wife, Dorothy who was also sharing young boys with Ronnie Kray. The lives of politicians and the rich and famous have always been of interest and even fascination largely due to the antics they get up to. Tom mentions the Profumo affair and before this there was the 1954 affair of Lord Montagu

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On the road

The story of a runaway

Aged 13, I’d just run away from home. I climbed up on the highway and stuck out my thumb, the second car that went by pulled over and I nervously got in beside the guy who turned out to be a travelling salesman. He was only going as far as the next town and I told him that I was going to the next town beyond that. He was quite nice and after he’d dropped me off, I had a long walk to the edge of town.

My next ride was with a truckie, he was going all the way up to Chicago whereas I had a mind to head for California coz I had

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Father Ted

A boy who became a priest

His home life was violent and he’d seen his father raping two of his older sisters. Like most boys of his age, he’d engaged in some petty crime, some of the proceeds he gave to his mum who never asked any questions and the rest of it was usually spent on booze.

Ted was a bright boy, but he had no distinguishing characteristics. He was typical of most boys, he liked to get drunk and talk about sex with his mates. He’d not long turned eighteen when he did a burglary, he only took the cash and treated his mates to a few drinks. There were five of them in their childhood hangout, a

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Pausing the conversation

Defining relationships

I’ve been reading through other people’s stories and ideas about incest and the changes in human relationships. The Christian moral perspective is that anything other than a unrelated male-female relationship is somehow a crime, an attitude that denies the fact that love can exist independently of this ideal. Disease is not discussed, but must be remembered.

So let’s look at some of these situations.

Incest between a father and daughter, or mother and son:

Within Islam, father and daughter are legal and encouraged. But if these relationships were to produce children, then over time the genetics start to break down and the children of these relationships which we know have happened in royal families who wanted to

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