Sweet revenge

Jill was a big girl and she was often teased about her size. By the time she was 12, she was 5 foot 5 tall and had the body of a woman. But because she was fat she was derided by most of the kids at school. But within the community there were many men loved fat girls.

She ignored the rudeness of her peers and became adept at fending off the men who for the most part, playfully pursued her. By the time she was 16, she’d let a few men have their way, and they were usually not the most attractive types but they treated her nicely untill they’d had their way.

She pondered the meaning of her

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Looking Back

Growing up wild in London

An Interview about developing sexuality with a London family when I was studying sociology and working on my thesis at Oxford. While in London I met these people by chance. While I have changed their names to preserve their anonymity, such stories are not that uncommon as when Lord Boothby was having an affair in the Downing Street flat with Harold Macmillan’s wife, Dorothy who was also sharing young boys with Ronnie Kray. The lives of politicians and the rich and famous have always been of interest and even fascination largely due to the antics they get up to. Tom mentions the Profumo affair and before this there was the 1954 affair of Lord Montagu

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