Skin Care Tips

Avoid Harmful Toxins – Eat Well – Exercise & Cleanse

Things to avoid; click for a larger image

In addition to keeping good general health, you must realise that the numbers of potentially harmful chemicals in skin and body care products is astounding. The rule of thumb is that if you cannot safely eat it, you should not be putting it on our body as the skin absorbs everything you put on it.

Step 1: Avoid self poisoning

As you see in the detail if you click on the right image, many of the commercially available products we use on our skin and hair are filled with potentially harmful toxins. Some of these toxins have been

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Skin Tags

Or Acrochordons

Medically a skin tag is referred to as an acrochordon (or acrochorda if you have more than one). They are usually harmless and once formed and depending on your lifestyle, they do not grow or change much over time.

Skin tags are outgrowths or little flaps of skin that may look like a small piece of soft hanging skin that have suddenly appeared. They can look like and be mistaken for pimples, moles or warts.

Where the tag attaches, the connection may be a slender stem or a broad area as wide as the tag. The surface of a tag may be smooth or irregular and while they are usually small and seldom larger than a grain of

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Mouth Ulcers

A pain in the mouth

Mouth Ulcers (also known as canker sores) are sores in the mouth which appear on the soft tissues inside the mouth, most commonly in young adults aged 15 – 25 and affect women more than men. They are similar in appearance to pimples or cold sores and should not be mistaken, but they are generally yellow or grey in colour and vary in size.

This very common affliction will often heal without any medication, however the more troublesome form is when they reoccur regularly and this is termed ‘aphthous stomatitis’ or “Sutton’s Disease” which is a very common oral condition affecting as much as 10% of the population and women are more often

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Clear Pores

The lasting effects of acne can endure

Clear skin always

The teen years are a trying time for any person. Although the worries and cares of adulthood are still far into the future, the teen is not exactly a happy and relaxed person.

Not only do teenagers had to navigate the double standards and bigotry of the adult world, they often fear for their physical safety. But added to this is a competitiveness and desire to be successful that is limited by pimples otherwise affectionately known as zits.

This unsightly condition is the bane of many teenagers because of the effects it has at psychological level. It doesn’t take a lot to foster a negative self image in a

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