East vs West

Spiritual truth in the East and the lack there of in the West

Gaia as the world tree by Alex GrayThe tree of life giving life – East but being destroyed by human greed, the West

The philosophical and lifestyle differences between East and West are apparent particularly when travelling from any western country to India. It is such a crazy chaotic place and yet there is something wonderful and transcendent in India not in addition to the resplendent colours and the joy on people’s faces.

I’ve written several posts on the subject and now thanks to a line by Chaman Lal, the penny has finally dropped in regard to what I’m attempting to

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Our Sweet Downfall

Loss of health, delusion and addiction

Spare your body – sweet pleasure undermines health and the ability to enjoy life

Our love affair with sweets began when our parents used them as panaceas and bribes. When combined with untruths the result is often behavioural deviance.

One cannot categorically state that sugar is the root cause of all deviant behaviour, however it is a significant factor. The consumption of sugar as sweets gives a boost of sensory delight and energy that is addictive.

Food manufacturers know this and add sugar to most processed foods to keep people consuming their products.

Many of us as children were introduced to sweets and many of us continually pushed the margins for sweet

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The Importance of Pleasure

A temporary release from suffering

Sharing pleasure

When we consider the nature of our lives, a great many of us are trapped in some kind of suffering as a result of external politics and conditions as well as problems we create for ourselves. Pleasure involves our senses of perception be it physical, mental or emotional with spiritual pleasure or ecstasy the highest emotion.

Suffering and unhappiness is not what we are designed for, it’s simply a consequence of a whole lot of stuff either real or unreal. The baseline for human well-being is peace from which happiness, joy, bliss and ecstasy can flower.

However when people are suffering, pleasure offers a temporary respite and yet it has also

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Sensual Massage

The gentleness of touch

Before getting into this touchy subject, please remember that we experience the world through our senses and our entire perception of life depends on our sense perception. In other words, everything we see, hear, touch or taste is conveyed through our senses to our minds for interpretation and sensual massage increases our ability to perceive.

Our senses are those of vision, touch, hearing, taste and smell. Just think, we exercise our bodies so that they perform more efficiently. We do mental exercises to keep our minds sharp and alert so why not sensual massage to enhance sensitivity?

Sensual massage is generally a soft massage over the entirety of the body that stimulates all the sense receptors

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Nuru massage

Pure decadence and a sensual indulgence

Nuru massage can be seen as a rather exotic Asian delicacy because this is where the massage originates. In some ways it is an extension of the world famous ‘rub and tug’ massage, but there is more to it than that.

Nuru is an erotic style of massage designed to get the client as highly aroused as possible and then have sex. The massage begins with the establishment of the massage protocol and the client paying a rather hefty fee and the therapist who is likely more experienced at having sex then giving massage gets to work.

The first stage of the treatment is a shower with the masseur or masseuse (therapist). The therapist

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Chasing pleasure

Temporary relief from suffering

Pleasure is temporary, happiness and joy can be eternal

You may remember as a child the uninhibited pleasure of running and playing without a care in the world. If you’ve forgotten, go and hang out with some under three-year-old’s for a while and you will remember. So what’s gone wrong?

After 15 to 20 years in the education system, our creativity and sense of life is usually severely blunted and we end up toiling with the idea of happiness coming with the next paycheck and even retirement. But even when the paycheck arrives there are bills to pay and in today’s world where the only financial trickle is the trickle from the Port of

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Sex Therapy

Restoring relationships with self and others

There was a time that most people when they felt an urge to express themselves sexually, they went ahead, found a person with whom to share that expression with and they got on with it. They did not necessarily have to be in any particular situation and until recently sex between consenting adults often took place in public although not in anyone’s face.

So what is sex therapy?

It can mean different things to different people and while sex therapy has become a recognised practice with therapists receiving state certified training, it still remains a very vague term covering many aspects in terms of ones personal sexual perception and gender orientation and fetishes, addiction,

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