The root of all evil

A discussion on Money and Economics

As the Pink Floyd song Money goes, money is the root of all evil, but is it really?

Archaeologists and ancient researchers say that writing was invented for the purpose of accounting and about the same time some form of token system was developed as a reminder about an exchange where some reciprocity was expected before the tokens became values of exchange.

Money itself is not inherently evil, it has no inherent attribute beyond the substance is made from, and the value that we attribute to it.

As a token of exchange as pointed out in the Ann Rand video below, money is a token with an agreed value which enables us greater flexibility

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Genetics and Golden Rice

The tip of a growing wedge into Asia

The topic of genetic engineering, only occurs in the mainstream media when groups like Greenpeace and other concerned citizens take action by destroying genetically modified crops. Yet most of our mainstream media has not bothered to look into the genetic modifications of food and its reporting mostly supports the corporate bias.

In the United States of America, it is estimated that genetically modified food can be found in about 80% of all processed food products and meat. Within the USA, the public has no right to know what foods are or are not geneticly modified and the genetics industry there has government endorsement and protection.

The primary reasons for growing genetically modified

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Re-Organising the World

The search for social equity

The search for social justice and equity is an important topic and it was the motivation the establishment of democracy and various ‘isms’. (Please note this has nothing to do with the democracy perpetrated by the USA which is a form of fascism).

So in thinking about how we should organise ourselves, we must look to how we organised ourselves in the past and even look to the social arrangements of some animal societies.

Let’s take elephants for instance. Like most groups of mammals, they have a matriarchal society and present similar emotions and intelligence as human beings. We have seen through human interference that the absence of older males (that are typically killed by

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A World in Decline

Politicians dream and populations suffer

The Russian pilot shot down over Syria by what may turn out to be just a trigger-happy Turkish pilot claims that they were well clear of Turkish airspace and not given any warning before being shot at.

When the Russians began their anti-terrorist campaign in Syria a month or so ago, a Russian jet actually crossed into Turkish airspace for a few seconds we did not bother the Turks at all, but within hours after pressure from NATO and the US administration, the Turks changed their tune.

Now that Russia and the US have cut off the cheap oil deliveries from Syria to Turkey, the Turks are really annoyed because now they have to

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The end of an era

Democracy was invented to give people self-determination and our recent ancestors fought two world wars that we should not be enslaved by tyranny, however our leadership is doing its utmost to consign us into submission to the corporations.

With an agreement being reached by government representatives of the participating countries, the agreement must be ratified before the TTP comes into effect.

Despite the objection by many thousands of people in New Zealand, this is looking more and more like a done deal and we will have to reconsider our fate.

So what does the TTPA represent?

For a small group of large corporations, this opens the door to freer trade and increased profitability.

Who will

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Kiwis have become comfortably numb

Learning to shut up, not put up

Turn up the music!!

Youth have always protested at what was going on in the world, but failing to be heard, they turned on and dropped out as the social system seemed so unjust and unchangeable. Students never knew what they wanted, but they instinctively knew that what was on offer was not what they could stomach.

Another brick in the wall typifies the education system’s attempts to dumb down students minds and fit them up for jobs and exploitation – not freedom. Many students stuck with school went on to get good educations despite the system and a few became radicals, but most all succumbed to daily toil and the task of

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Naomi Wolf on Boston Bombings

And the theatre of conspiracy

If you have any interest in US politics and American exceptionalism, have a listen to Naomi Wolf explaining how theatrical news events are fabricated by the nefarious Intelligence agencies and changes in US politics.


The full length documentary film based on her book is a must-see for all Americans and those wanting to understand the US.

The rise of American exceptionalism

Our rights eroding

In the news

In addition to the rescued cats, the Royal baby and other feel good distractions you may have noticed the escalation of violence in the Middle East and North Africa which in a roundabout way is engineered by the USA military industrial complex and its close allies.

If you are a someone who simply views the mainstream media, you may not have noticed the controversy about the NSA, prism xkeyscore which are programs designed to erode human rights and freedoms throughout the world and allow greater corporate and governance in your affairs.

To get your head around what is at stake here, take your mind back to the 911 demolition of the World Trade Centre 911

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The Impact of Choice

Reproduction and the effects of contraception

Like many other species, we humans have conditionally enjoyed sex for social bonding and pleasure more so than for procreation. In this modern era sex has become an important activity for stress release which is also affecting our relationships and how we see ourselves as a society.

Although societies around the world have evolved differently, we are tactile and enjoy intimacy; activities that often lead to were involve sex. Before the arrival of contraception, infant mortality rates were very high and infanticide was common.

Before the arrival of the female contraceptive pill, the male condom was contraceptive of choice although women in some cultures sometimes used abortive herbs. However the use of herbs declined

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One World - One People

Possibility or pipe dream

A recent article in new scientist magazine proclaims that nation states are the problem in the world and by that argument you could also say that individual people are the problem in the world because the two go hand-in-hand.

Nation states are made up of individuals with different ideas and different beliefs. It is also what gives the world, some colour. There’s an old saying that variety is the spice of life and in our search for self understanding and enlightenment, variety is essential for our long-term survival.

If we are to abolish nationstates and have a one world government as many desire, perhaps we should also do away with the variety of races and cultures

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