The root of all evil

A discussion on Money and Economics

As the Pink Floyd song Money goes, money is the root of all evil, but is it really?

Archaeologists and ancient researchers say that writing was invented for the purpose of accounting and about the same time some form of token system was developed as a reminder about an exchange where some reciprocity was expected before the tokens became values of exchange.

Money itself is not inherently evil, it has no inherent attribute beyond the substance is made from, and the value that we attribute to it.

As a token of exchange as pointed out in the Ann Rand video below, money is a token with an agreed value which enables us greater flexibility

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Kiwis have become comfortably numb

Learning to shut up, not put up

Turn up the music!!

Youth have always protested at what was going on in the world, but failing to be heard, they turned on and dropped out as the social system seemed so unjust and unchangeable. Students never knew what they wanted, but they instinctively knew that what was on offer was not what they could stomach.

Another brick in the wall typifies the education system’s attempts to dumb down students minds and fit them up for jobs and exploitation – not freedom. Many students stuck with school went on to get good educations despite the system and a few became radicals, but most all succumbed to daily toil and the task of

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One World - One People

Possibility or pipe dream

A recent article in new scientist magazine proclaims that nation states are the problem in the world and by that argument you could also say that individual people are the problem in the world because the two go hand-in-hand.

Nation states are made up of individuals with different ideas and different beliefs. It is also what gives the world, some colour. There’s an old saying that variety is the spice of life and in our search for self understanding and enlightenment, variety is essential for our long-term survival.

If we are to abolish nationstates and have a one world government as many desire, perhaps we should also do away with the variety of races and cultures

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The Global Weapons Trade

Our peers making a killing

“12 billion bullets are produced every year – enough to kill everyone on earth twice. In fact, every minute, one person is killed by armed violence. There are almost 1 billion guns in the world (of which about a quarter billion are in the U.S.). Guns or other light weapons are involved in roughly 60% of all human rights violations. Three quarters of all the weapons in the world – light and heavy – are supplied by the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany. In 2011, exports of arms by the U.S. rose to 3 quarters of the total market.

Global transfers of large conventional weapons such as tanks and planes

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Sex and The Bible

From old stories come new myths


Unfortunately many believe about sexual relationships is an modern invention for population control. The old Bible is clothed in metaphor and innuendo, Washing the feet is a metaphor for sexual intimacy. There is so much read into the bible and the faith which was by intentioned scholars. Please remember the first four books of the old testament is the Torah or Hebrew bible.

This documentary is a stab at unravelling some truths and yet it is far from complete. Play part by part or scroll down for the complete video.

Part 1.

Children were highly prised and essential to increase population numbers and therefore ensure the survival of the community.

Part 2.

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The eugenics debate

Human betterment or deprivation?

When it comes to the dating and mating games, we are instinctively attracted to the stronger and healthier mates. This is natural and no one comments. But if you’re not healthy or have some undesirable genetic trait, should you even bother to reproduce?

In this podcast from Radio NZ, you can listen to a Eugenics debate.

I’m not about to answer this question. But we need to take in some considerations. The world is over populated and we don’t need to breed as profusely as we did ten thousand years ago.

The health of the human population is rapidly declining and we will probably go extinct within a hundred thousand years if we don’t destroy

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