Posture and Health

Is your posture killing you?

One is sometimes compelled to ask, what do we really know about ourselves, and in particular our bodies? Science has made a great many studies and come to a number of conclusions but are these conclusions correct?

Science and medicine in many ways constitutes an educated guess-work and when what some treatment works for a majority without actually causing apparent harm to most users or trailists, it becomes medicine. In many ways our ancestors had a better understanding of what was to be human in regard to our physical posture.

One of the recent contradictions in modern science has come from the x-rayed spines of so-called primitive or tribal people who live without the

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Improving posture and performance

Tell someone to go and get rolfed and they might like to know what you are talking about. It is a unique blend of education through touch and sensory awareness. It’s a technique that is not well heard of as it is not so much a maintenance treatment as is other massage but rather a permanent fix for structural problems.

What is it?

Rolfing works with the single idea of structural integration, aligning the physical body to the force of gravity. It is said to have long-term benefits. In some cases has even changed the actual appearance of people, but its overall aim is to create an efficient structural body, a body that creates a stage

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