Boys toy

A girl who enjoys sex

Hey there, this world is really one fucked-up place but I have a story that has never quite made sense. A few years back I picked up this girl hitchhiking out of Canberra and like she was wearing an open little jacket showing her tits but I managed to put away my lust and we had a really nice conversation, its like we just clicked.

She said she wasn’t going to meet anyone and had no place to stay but wanted to spend time in Sydney so I said that she was welcome to crash on my couch which she accepted. Now one of my mates had invited me to a barbecue so we drove

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Delightful Neighbours

Promiscuity in times of depression

The age of consent for sexual activity in the UK is 16 and other countries have set the legal age at anything from 12 to 20 although in some Islamic countries girls as young as 4 are often raped and can be married at age 8 or 9. In ancient cultures, girls were usually married soon after they reached puberty.

After being laid off, my misfortune was softened by a nice severance package and I moved south because I figured it would save on heating and other expenses. I had enough to buy myself quite a nice house, but I had to buy at the low end of the market.

After moving

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