Neuro Linguistic Programming

A modern psychology

Neuro Linguistic Programming often referred to as NLP, deals with how we organize what we see, hear and feel, how we filter everything through our senses (Ne uro), how we describe it in language (Linguistic) and then act on it either consciously or unconsciously to produce result.

Research started in the early 1970’s with John Grinder and Richard Bandler who studied three top therapists at that time: Fritz Perls (originator of Gestalt Therapy), Virginia Satir (outstanding Family Therapist) and Milton Erikson (world famous hypnotherapist).

What emerged were patterns of successful therapy and effective ways of thinking and communicating. Bandler and Grinder refined these patterns and skills until they had a workable model for effective communication, powerful personal

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Does no mean yes?

There is an old saying: If a lady says “no”, she means “maybe”. If lady says “maybe”, she means “yes”. If a lady says “yes”, she is no lady.

The book ‘The Cultural Scaffolding of Rape‘ investigates the phenomenon of women’s token resistance to sex (i.e. saying no when they meant yes). Based on the study ‘The Prevalence and Correlates of Women’s Token Resistance to Sex’ by Charlene L. Muehlenhard and Lisa C. Hollabaugh and first published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (1988)

They found that 39.3% of the undergraduates they had surveyed had said no when they meant yes, and this was for 3 types of reasons: practical, inhibition-related, and

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Father Paul

Celibacy; a modern problem

Paul was intelligent and he did well at school. During his early teens he took an interest in sports, his athleticism was good and when it came time to choose, he chose basketball instead of football.

He was developing into a nice looking young man and like most boys his age, he developed a natural curiosity about girls and sex. Although not religious, his parents were typical Presbyterian, they worked hard and rationed their pleasure.

His elder sister was his best friend until she began dating. Although he didn’t like to admit it, he was jealous and the thought of her being touched by those boys she went out with revolted him. His younger sister was

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