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Belief – A Redundant Idea

Updated from June 2016

As we think, so we become

Beliefs are the thoughts and convictions that we generally hold to be true, they are ideas without substance having no actual proof or evidence. Beliefs may contribute to or hinder our development and understanding of the world, and who we are.

People used to believe the earth was flat, but today we know it’s round from testimony and scientific consensus, or you maybe you have flown and seen the curvature of the Earth. The erroneous belief has been replaced by acquired or direct knowledge, therefore we no longer have to believe because we know. But so many were so attached to that particular belief, it took hundreds of years to

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Can Peace Be Imposed?

Can we impose peace via any religion or man made ideology’s?

May all beings everywhere plagued with sufferings of body and mind quickly be freed from their illnesses. May those frightened cease to be afraid, and may those bound be free. May the powerless find power, and may people think of befriending one another. May those who find themselves in trackless, fearful wilderness– the children, the aged, the unprotected– be guarded by beneficent celestial’s, and may they swiftly attain the wisdom of Liberation or Buddhahood.

Firstly, who are we?

We call ourselves human beings and we see ourselves as the dominant species in this environment.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

A modern psychology

Neuro Linguistic Programming often referred to as NLP, deals with how we organize what we see, hear and feel, how we filter everything through our senses (Ne uro), how we describe it in language (Linguistic) and then act on it either consciously or unconsciously to produce result.

Research started in the early 1970’s with John Grinder and Richard Bandler who studied three top therapists at that time: Fritz Perls (originator of Gestalt Therapy), Virginia Satir (outstanding Family Therapist) and Milton Erikson (world famous hypnotherapist).

What emerged were patterns of successful therapy and effective ways of thinking and communicating. Bandler and Grinder refined these patterns and skills until they had a workable model for effective communication, powerful personal

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Political Correctness

Artificial niceness

We’ve been hearing a lot about “PC Culture” from the conservative media and presidential candidates lately, and the consensus seems to be that all of this political correctness is stifling our right to freedom of speech. But when has speaking out against discrimination and hate ever stripped someone else of their ability to voice their opinion? You still have the freedom to say whatever you want, and the “PC Police” still have the right to tell you how wrong you are.

Political correctness is just a fancy term for not telling the truth and preventing others from being truthful. The term was originally used within the Communist Party in Stalin’s Russia to describe which opinions on

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Psychology Today

Making square pegs for round holes

The pioneers of modern psychology arrived at their understanding of the human mind by studying sick people and human relationships within the spheres of basic survival and the power struggles that exist within conflicted societies.

Mind as we know it has no substance and the brain if you like is a repository of ideas and information. But there is some understanding that the psychology, or the mind of every individual is influenced by education, life experience and place in society.

Concepts like logic, rationalism and irrationalism have all evolved and yet there is still no clear understanding within modern science or modern medicine as to how the human mind works and the extent

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Anger Poisons the Body

Anger; a negative reaction to life


Anger is typically a human reaction to a stimulus. An angry reaction can be caused or provoked by innocent mistakes, injustice, bad behaviour and even things the person feeling angry has done.

People desiring a sunny day can be angered by the displeasure or non fulfilment of that desire, but the situation triggering the anger could be almost anything.

Parents get angry with their children when the children do not comply with parents instructions. Employers get angry with their employees when they do not comply with the employer’s wishes. Husbands and wives get angry with each other because their expectations are unfulfilled, and there are a great many things

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This branch of ashtang ayurved namely bhut-vidya, (psychology and psychiatry) deals mainly with imbalance of the mind, diseases resulting from that and treatment for the same.

Ayurvedic sages were of the opinion that psychological and neurological disorders are caused by notorious supernatural powers (bhuta.) Bhut-khet, pretatma, samandh, pishachcha, vetal (evil spirits, devils, ghosts, etc.) are different terminologies used to name these powers. All these are considered superhuman and known to create trouble. They are spirits of unfortunate people who die without achieving their aim in life. These dead people try to fulfill their wishes and wills through the bodies and minds of mentally weak people. People suffering from psychological disorders are vehicles of these inhuman superpowers on earth.


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Human Behaviour

Why I the reason I wonder why?

Human Behaviour is ever changing in response to our earthly and social environmental. We adapt our behaviour in order to survive, however human memory is short and much of our behaviour is reactive rather than planned for our long term survival.

Survival behaviour is governed by our needs for water, food, shelter and possession which also causes a great deal of suffering and injustice. At this time when the population of the earth is large and still increasing rapidly and the earth’s resources are diminishing, there has never been such an important need for co-operative behaviour as the survival of our species is under threat.

Most of us have learned that confrontation, conflict

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A pseudo science of mind

The first studies in psychology were done by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung who came up with lots of interesting but crazy ideas. Their work is perpetuated today however they had the great misfortune to do all their study on people who were clearly unwell and they had even greater misfortune never to do any studies on any completely healthy people.

Therefore most of their results are rubbish, but from their work have emerged a wide range of mind altering substances that are now pushed onto the population by the pharmaceutical industry.

Indian science was much more successful because they only studied healthy people and in fact through the science of yoga the human mind

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Parts of the Whole

Foundations of Anatomy and Physiology

At the foundation of our physical nature are the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether (Akash). It is from these five elements that all physical existence is created. These five elements give rise to the periodic table which in turn compose our bodies.

Modern sciences still trying to understand the finer details of our anatomy and physiology, and we know we are much more than simply flesh and bone. Even our thoughts are physical and our anatomy includes the subtle energy fields and meridians.

While we are literally made of stardust, we have our bony skeleton that supports a myriad of bodily systems that supports and enables our consciousness to exist and

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