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The Power of Mushrooms

A super food

Delicious button mushrooms

Mushrooms and toadstools are the flowering and reproductive parts of a fungi that lives underground. Their roots can spread over great distances and while some mushrooms and toadstools are poisonous, many a delicious and make a nice addition to our meals.

There is another class of mushrooms which are labelled as magic or psychedelic, when these are ingested they induce altered states of consciousness and the people don’t know what they are doing, the consequences can be fatal.

You can buy mushrooms in most vegetable markets, these are typically grown in large dark warehouses, but they also may be collected from fields typically in the spring and autumn when the climatic conditions are

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And let there be light and healing

LSD is an odourless, colourless and tasteless drug. It’s sold on the streets in many forms including tablets, capsules, liquid, thin squares of gelatin (called window panes) or absorbent paper squares, such as blotting paper. Usually called a ticket, the paper is divided into small decorated squares, each representing a dose.

These tickets come in many different designs – Snoppy, Garfield, Superman, strawberries, flowers and a variety of animals and cartoon characters. Some say those designs are made to make LSD more attractive to children, however it is a packaging that delights regular users. Tickets can also be just a plain colour, with dotted lines where each dose is indicated.

History of LSD

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