Searching for The Perfect Massage

An ongoing journey

Apart from having good self-discipline, you could say I’m a fairly easy going kinda girl and I’m not too hung up on politics. I like my sports and I’ve being in a few triathlons which is where I was introduced to the idea of massage because it certainly helped my performance.

While having my legs massaged gave me a slight advantage in terms of performance, my legs felt totally separated from my body as if I was to different people which was kind of challenging. So my experience for a few years was just having whatever part of my body rubbed that had the greatest need and I never really liked it all that much.

I remember

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Dare to Bare

The roll of naturism in life and health

We all inhabit a human body, it is a vehicle that carries us through life. Some cultures have celebrated this human body while others have declared that it is repugnant and shameful. If those people who despise the human body think it is so bad why do they put up with their own?

The human body occurs naturally within nature but why has it become so derided and shameful? In most countries today, if you walked naked down the street you would be arrested and this is more so if you are a male; but you’re more likely to get away with it if you’re a female.

In Australia recently the police

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Other Drugs

For recreation or escapism

Datura; a common garden shrub

There are a wide variety of natural drugs or compounds that have specific and predictable effects on the mind. They have been used by primitive cultures since the dawn of time and culturally, they serve to open the doors of perception to a greater reality.

Meth is sometimes considered a hallucinogen because it has some of the same effects. However, it does not fit easily into any one drug category. Because PCP is made under non-quality controlled circumstances and is associated with extremely bizarre and aggressive acts, it is considered the most unpredictable drug. It is frequently sprinkled on to marijuana to intensify the effect. This is referred

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Time out to recreate one’s self

Manila is home to many westernised recreational activities. Along with a wide range of gymnasiums, many of which you will find in the bigger hotels, yoga and massage are prominent and of course golf.

Yoga Classes at Western Prices

Ananda Marga who offer classes from gentle to Astanga Vinyasana. Laughter Yoga Club If you lifestyle is particularly stressful, the may be what you need. Shakti Yoga & Wellness Center Gentle Yoga in Makati. Call 896-1215 or text 0917-631142 Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga The Yogini from Manila Pulse Yoga Other Studios

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Amana Waterpark

A day to rest and play

In most western countries, you set aside and hour or so to go swim in the pool, but in the Philippines you don’t just go for a quick swim, you pack up the family, food and water, and arrive as early in the day to get best value for money as the entry fee for the day as the same as for the hour.

For sun protection you need to hire a cottage and you spend the entire day there. If you have small children, a cottage near the kids pools may be better, but for big kids and adults a cottage near the wave pool is probably more suitable.

Insect repellent is vital

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