Growing Up

An art few truly accomplish

What does it mean to grow up? It means to become a responsible human being, and this is a subject rarely discussed and what is spoken of more commonly is that we become obedient citizens. Yet before we can become a citizen and carry out any civic duty, we need to become complete human beings.

It is from our incompleteness and failure to become human that we are engaged in so much conflict, that we are destroying our environment and living factionalised lives. If we were mature and responsible human beings we would coexist peaceably with each other and be proper custodians of our planetary environment.

By being grown up I mean that one has

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Are you responsible?

A deviation in language

In modern English usage, the word responsible has come to mean ownership of a situation. In other words you are responsible for your actions which is stretching the original truth of the meaning of the word.

If we go back far enough, the original meeting is respond, in other words it is about responding to life.

Similarly the word responsibility is used likewise and has come to mean that one is in a position of trust or authority while the older meaning is simply that one has an ability to respond.

On the face of it, language is continually changing however the transition of the word responsibility from being able to respond to a position of

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