Dating and Friendship

An essential partnership

While the social norms in some countries prohibit dating and the allowing of young individuals of the opposite sex to spend time together until their marriage is arranged, in most countries young people grow up with the idea and the expectation of finding true love match.

Like all human relationships there are a great many possibilities but perhaps one of the most insidious is the pressure placed on young people to date members of the opposite sex or even the same gender within their particular social group. This expectation and pressure that is generated creates anxiety and suffering in part because there is no clear discussion and in fact, our socialisation process almost prohibits this discussion.


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The Art of Kissing

A process of deepening intimacy

A kiss is the act of pressing of one’s lips against another person or an object most often as a demonstration of acceptance and appreciation or affection, or as a greeting and an act of friendship. Yet the act of kissing varies across different cultures with many different uses and meanings.

While kisses are most often used to express sentiments of love, lust and passion, kisses facilitate deeper intimacy and sexual activity. But in other situations, a kiss is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion, respect, or sacrament.

The English word kiss came from Old English cyssan (“to kiss”), in turn from coss (“a kiss”). It is widely thought that kissing is an

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A Caution to Girls

I Was About To Marry My Lover Till I Saw His Facebook Messages:

There are many charming young men seeking attractive girls for pleasure and sometimes to wed. This is a cautionary tale about dating a Muslim boy and how she saved herself ‘just in time’.

Anonymous says:

What I Saw, I’ll Never Be Able To Forget. I am an army brat who has led a very liberal and easy going life. Integrity and honesty were my first and foremost virtues. I belonged to no city because we were transferred every 3 years. Adaptability was my biggest asset.

He belonged to a typical conservative Muslim family living for years in a notorious town of west UP. The family was

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Soul Mates

Do you have a soul mate and how do you know who?

One Soul – An illusion by Ines Honfi

The idea of soul mates is something many people dream about in terms of love and relationships. The subject has become immensely popular, many books have been written and many believe their soul mate is out there searching as they are.

The soul mate is loosely defined as a significant other person with whom one can intellectually relate to and empathise with, someone who seems to know what you mean when you say something and can reply in a way that makes sense to you. It is also an element of biochemistry in that your bodies

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Our greatest love

Is created in our minds

Love is an idea and like all great ideas, it takes place inside our mind. Remember that perception is something that happens through our senses and our mind that interprets what we see, feel, taste, smell and hear. All experience of our world is internal.

When you fall in love with someone you can interact with physically, in other words love a person you regularly spend time with, who they are even though they exist independently of you is only ever an idea (or a collection of ideas) within our mind. As your mind forms ideas of that person, one of the tragedies of modern relationships is that when that significant other begins to behave

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A Fitness Aventure

A daring pastime (R)

I had recently taken up running on the near by hills after spending decadent winter laying about half depressed recovering from an unhappy relationship. Summer would soon be here and I wanted to play. I felt that I needed to loose five pounds though most of my friends seemed to be envious of my figure.

I would get up early, and over a month built up to a solid 2 hours jog and in flat places, do some sprints. Balanced with a twice weekly yoga class. My body was coming alive and the early mornings were something I began to really enjoy. Even the challenges of my work seemed easier.

The area was popular and I

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Internet date

There are no guarantees, but often good fortune

Despite the fact that there were men eager to get her into bed, Karen thought she wanted more than that. She’d joined several dating sites and met this guy Mike who seemed a decent enough chap. After a few introductory message exchanges through the website, they graduated to some conversations on Skype. They’d gone quite well and Mike seemed to have brains as well as brawn so she agreed to meet him for dinner.

He had a schedule to keep so Karen agreed to meet him after work for drinks and dinner. There was no time to go home and change after work, so she wore a slightly more provocative outfit than

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Passionate Naples

A saucy tale

This vacation was turning out to be a disaster, no, that wasn’t quite right, more like a big disappointment, but however you described it, Melinda was wishing that she was back home in the states rather than being alone in even such an exotic location as Naples.

The food was great, the sights were even better, but she was just so damned lonely she could hardly stand it, because after having lived with Josh for the past three years, their break up had almost crushed her spirit. Her best friend Lorie had recommended taking a long European vacation to take her mind off of her troubles, but while she should have been enjoying herself, all she could

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My Adonis

A True Life Story

My behaviour was changing, perhaps it was in response to the dull boyfriends I seemed to end up with. To pull myself up, I took a learn to swim class and discovered I liked the early morning exercise. Most days I’d get to the pool about 7.00am, swim for 30- 50 mins and then soak in the spa pool for a while.

It’s a nice time to be there as the athletes had done their training and the office workers like myself had a more relaxed time. But one of the things I like about the pool, is that everyone is quite raw, no one can hide their figures under swim costumes, there is no make

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