Gabriella Burnel

Inspirational Sanskrit scholar and vocal artist

Gabriella Burnel is a Sanskrit scholar and an accomplished musician and musical theatre performer. After studying Sanskrit at Oxford, she completed a Masters in Drama at Goldsmith University in 2010. She has since written musicals for off-West End theatres in London and performed with the band Gabriella and The Planets.

Gabriella is well-known as a composer and performer of poems and hymns drawn from the Sanskrit tradition. Early in 2016, she set to music a hymn in praise of Adi Śaṅkara which she also performed at a Teacher’s Day event in the London School of Economic Science.

Mother Madālasā singing to her children, telling them that they are Shudha, buddha and mukta, pure, conscious

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Linguistic origins of Sanskrit

The worlds oldest language

Unfortunately the world in general does not have much idea of Origins or nature of Sanskrit. Sanskrit can never ever be dead. It is a natural language for higher beings and you can form thousand words for just one idea you want to communicate. So it is not a normal language in linguistic sense. This is the only language that has almost 100 words for all key concepts human beings can express. Sanskrit is not only a linguistic system, that is unique and has no comparison with any other living language but it is an original source of all acquired knowledge of terrestrial and non-terrestrial sources whose scope is dimensions not known to modern human senses.

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Sanskrit or Saṃskṛta?

The Battle for Sanskrit and Saving Our Languages

Mainstream civilisation it is losing connection with its roots as people buy and large identify themselves as being their bodies and minds, and life has become all about body and mind as well as escaping the suffering that is experienced by bodies and minds.

The original creation came out of oneness and the physical world is plural. Therefore we tend to live as two-dimensional beings governed by crude logic and our need to survive. Because we have lost that connection with our roots we are so far adrift that even our means of survival are at risk.

Garland of Letters वर्णमाला

Saṃskṛta more commonly known as Sanskrit is the root

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