An ideology disguised as a religion

There are stories that Islam is a creation of the Vatican which may hold some truth. It is well known that Rome adopted Christianity, reformed it, burned the remains of the great library of Alexandria and persecuted the original Christians who remained a thorn in Rome’s side as the core of the Christianity they knew was to become as Jesus – not to create some new religious hierarchy.

It is alleged that the Vatican created Islam as a fighting arm of the Catholic Church to suppress the original Christians and expand the churches territories. However, once the Muslims tasted success in acquiring territory, they distanced themselves from the Vatican although they have continued to

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A city state for the well heeled

The smallest of the gulf states (Persian Gulf), The Kingdom of Bahrain—a name meaning “Two Seas”—is actually an archipelago of 33 low-lying islands located in the heart of the Gulf between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The capital city of Manama is a vibrant cosmopolitan center with modern amenities.

Between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain is more liberal than many Islamic states and you can even buy alcohol legally. There is the usual mix of very rich and very poor so take the usual precautions. For things to do, there is the ocean, the desert, shopping and social life. The restaurants often feature bellydancers and the formula one motor race is an annual event.

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