Sex in the Ancient World

The art of coexistence

Sex along with eating is one of the most natural of human activities. Our distant ancestors wore no clothing, they would have witnessed animals mating and discovered that sex was pleasurable. The pleasure that comes from having sex is natures incentive to ensure that we perpetuate our species and without that pleasure, we would likely have become extinct long ago.

Men and women are almost like two distinct species and if it was not for our need to reproduce, it seems probable as some thinkers say, that men would have killed all the women simply because they are stronger and have never understood them. Mind you women cannot understand men either, but for the most part

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Sex Talk

A conversation recorded

My sister Ciara and her friend Sandy were a little bored as they sat watching the rain running down the windows. I’d just stacked fire and I think they’d forgotten I was still there doing some homework, but it was hard not to hear what they were saying and this is some of their conversation.

Sandy: what is it about men Ciara? You know I quite like Alfie, in many ways he’s really nice and I feel strongly attracted to him but he’s really useless at sex.

Ciara: unfortunately I kinda know what you mean because most of the boys I’ve been with just please themselves and sometimes I just can’t be bothered having sex because I’m

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Family fun

Teenage sex question

Hi Dianna, I read a couple of your stories about a year ago and to be honest, I didn’t really think much about them beyond a few ideas to masturbate to. But since then I’ve been going to yoga, meditating and then recently I had this crazy sexy experience that I just have to tell someone, so this is what happened.

We moved into this new house about six months ago and when I was setting up my room, I discovered a USB cord sticking out of the wall. I had no idea what it was, so I plugged it into my laptop and discovered that there were cameras in every room of the house.

Then I

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Enough was enough

A story of awakening

Part 1 of 4

Jody examined her face in the bathroom mirror, there was just a faint mark but nowhere near as bad as other times. She and Brad had just had another row and then made up. The sex was rough and unpleasant but she made out that she’d enjoyed it in order to send him off to work a good mood.

Life seemed so pointless here, Brad was a bully and impossible to satisfy. He was always picking fault even though the house was spotless and the food was as perfect as her cooking skills allowed. This was the final straw so Jody packed a bag with some basic essentials pleased that she didn’t

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Modern sexuality

Sexuality is a primal driving force responsible for our ongoing existence

We know that we are capable of almost any sexual relationship and that we have monogamy, polyandry and polyamory as accepted ways of relating depending on where we live in the world. As to the acts of sex, they begin in our early childhood with most children having spontaneous sexual feelings leading to arousal and experimentation. Most parents discourage children from sexual exploration and this leads to an inability to understand and discuss sex as adults.

While sex and our sexuality or sexual drive to have pleasure and reproduce is vital, the sexualisation of men and women represents a sickness within humanity. Sexualisation is a sickness divides us from

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Growing pains

A girls life

I remember my parents used to argue a lot after which they had noisy sex and things would be okay for a few days. I wasn’t supposed to see all this, but in our small two room apartment there was no way I could avoid knowing everything that went on.

But their relationship became so predictable that I was able to visit my friends when they were fighting although I liked being there when they made up. The walls in our apartment were so thin I made several holes so I could watch them having sex.

The arguing never made sense, but sex looked like fun and before long I was experimenting with boys at school. I

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Ethics of Incest

Questioning the Ethics of Incest

Reblogged from Lots Cave Publishing

When it comes to the topic of incest erotica, nothing could be more forefront than parent-child relationships. There’s no relationship more debated or controversial than that of parent-child. In the public perception of incest, parent-adult child relationships bring only negative connotations. Often, such relationships are perceived as abusive, and many picture younger children forced into sexual acts. In erotica however, only consented parent-adult child incest is allowed and published. So why then, is the relationship so controversial?

Parent-adult child incest between father and daughter is legal within Islam and in Japan mother son liaisons are common, but it takes place in most countries as the parents succumb

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Love and excitement P 16

Continued from Pt 15Part one.


If you have read this story from the beginning, it all took place in the latter part of the George W Bush era. For the past few years, selling my body has simply been a job that I become almost indifferent to. The greater delight I had was in giving people full body massages and making them feel better within themselves.

For those of you who don’t know, the typical Escort client meeting is one where there’s usually some polite conversation which often leads into listening to the clients sad life stories and I almost take on the role of a counsellor. Then quite often, I give the poor guy

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Jo grew up out in the sticks, christened Joanne, she was the second oldest in a family of five boys. The father ran a fairly large farming operation and her mother was home most of the time.

As a young child, she went to school by bus and she preferred involving herself and farming operations. Like most farm kids, she learned about sex at a very young age and her conservative mother reluctantly spelt out the facts of life. As a girl, she was expected to help out around the home as well as look after her younger siblings so she got to know all about the male anatomy.

Their extended community was very male dominated and there were only

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The calm after..

Lying there as I cool off afterwards, my mind is free and my senses alive.

Orgasm is something which is sometimes personal and sometimes shared with my lover as we become one.

I cannot distinguish between the euphoria of an orgasm and the euphoria and connectedness to life that comes in meditation.

Both take me to a place where heart and mind become one and the world exists inside me.

It is impossible not to feel the suffering of the world.

Yet as much as I work to heal myself, all around me the suffering of the world increases. My heart bleeds for the world and I do what I can to relieve the suffering of others

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