Sex therapy

An all too common story labelled as love in decline

Benjamin was a brash dominating man who expected his wife of five years to be the perfect wife. That entailed keeping house and serving all his needs. He was not particularly unkind or inconsiderate, he was simply emulating his father’s behaviour toward his mother who suffered from chronic depression.

For the first year, Maryann was happy. Her girlfriends were envious because she had made a good catch, but behind the scenes the novelty was wearing off. It was not that she didn’t love Benjamin, it’s just that they were losing their spark and in his mind, it was her fault.

As her interest in sex wore off and life became

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To Tired for Sex

Are You Too Tired or No Longer Into It?

You may be working and playing hard, your man is keen and yet you’re not. Its not because your relationship is unrewarding or his ability to satisfy you is not there, its more that you don’t get the same reward from sex or for some unknown reason you’ve lost interest.

Many women have long been suffering from this problem, and no one agrees on any one cause. Its often a combination of;

anxiety and stress from work, family and social life malnutrition, yes even when you think you’re eating well depression relationship issues not achieving orgasm falling out of love his inability to satisfy you

For many years,

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