A History of Sex

And the evolution of the human condition

For many people, sex is something of a mystery, an obsession, highly pleasurable but also highly regulated. Some say that sex is a part of our primal nature and akin to the essence of life itself in part because every second, millions of cells are being born within our bodies.

Sex is elemental to life without which we would not exist. We turn to sex in the desire to breed, sharing joys, relieving sorrows and despite all the different moral codes around the world, and all ways of relating over our history, sex is not well understood and often badly performed.

Sex is one of the most obvious features of our dualistic world

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Osho on Sex Ed for Kids

Tell it the way it is

Periodically in the media this week, discussions about sex education for children re-emerge. Those who consider themselves enlightened want to tell kids the facts of life as they really are while the moral opposition wants kids to remain forever in ignorance until that time comes when they fumble in the dark and are left suffering various forms of anxiety.

Statistics, these prove that children who are well educated about sex are more likely to put off sex until they are older and practice safe sex, they are also much less likely to get pregnant so it seems really strange that the moralists want to raise their kids in ignorance and expose them to unwanted

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Incest Between Siblings

Right or wrong?

Introduction: It’s a scientifically proven fact that reproduction amongst close family members and relatives weakens our species. Genetic and mental weaknesses quickly evolve from incestuous relationships causing in a more complicated and unpleasant life for resulting generations.

This behaviour however is a fact of life that need not be harshly judged but those indulging must avoid the complications of transmitting STDs and pregnancy. Children who are found out may need appropriate guidance, not punishment. The motivations or causes of incestuous relationships are many but often stem from unhappiness, loneliness, misplaced desire, illness and other factors.

There are estimates that say about 2 – 5% of brothers and sisters have physically intimate relationships for varying periods of

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