Origin of Fair Skin

Have you ever wondered where light skin color originated?

It’s only in the past couple of thousand years that would become aware that other populations have variances in skin colour and in today’s multicultural world, these colours are mixing. We must remember that regardless of skin colour we are still the same species and what separates us most are the ways in which we think.

Our distant ancestry remains theoretical and as our science and technology improves, some theories are becoming probabilities yet we are far from any actual proof. The best we can hope for is a probability that satisfies the majority. In terms of human evolution within the past hundred thousand years, we know of Neanderthal, African,

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Skin, Hair & Nails

Healthy Skin requires a healthy body

Neglect may result in your skin looking like a reptiles

How to keep your good looks and prevent sagging, lines and wrinkles.

Our skin from birth is exposed to sun, dirt and grime, and then washed with various combinations of chemicals. It is also susceptible to the process of ageing and after many years can resemble that of a reptile. But there is hope for lovely soft, clear skin, but first lets think about the skin, it’s functions and requirements:

Your Skin is a barrier to keep your insides in, and to keep the outside world out.

The skin is extremely tough and yet sensitive and can heal itself after injury, like

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Facial Lines & Wrinkles

Facts about ageing

Youthfulness is to be enjoyed when we’re young

We all want to retain our youthful exuberance and appearance, yet we cannot completely put off the inevitable, that over time our bodies will eventually succumb to age.

We all age at a different rate, some reach their later years and still look as if they are half their age, while others look a lot older than their actual years. The cause is in genetics, diet and lifestyle..

Genetics plays a role in our general features and characteristics, but it has less of an effect than diet and lifestyle.

Those who have a lifestyle that does not support the body will age more rapidly. A good lifestyle

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Skin Care Tips

Avoid Harmful Toxins – Eat Well – Exercise & Cleanse

Things to avoid; click for a larger image

In addition to keeping good general health, you must realise that the numbers of potentially harmful chemicals in skin and body care products is astounding. The rule of thumb is that if you cannot safely eat it, you should not be putting it on our body as the skin absorbs everything you put on it.

Step 1: Avoid self poisoning

As you see in the detail if you click on the right image, many of the commercially available products we use on our skin and hair are filled with potentially harmful toxins. Some of these toxins have

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Skin Problems

Itches and the breakdown of our body wrapping

Our skin is known as the integumentary system, it’s the bodies largest organ which encloses the body and it includes skin, hair, nails, related muscles and glands. As well as protecting our bodies from the environment, our skin also regulates our body temperature.

There are a great many skin problems which can occur and a skin infection is distinguished from dermatitis, which is inflammation of the skin. But, a skin infection can also result in skin inflammation such as pompholyx which maybe called infective dermatitis.

To keep our skin healthy, it needs to be washed using a minimal amount of soap and any soap used must be completely removed because

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Skin Tags

Or Acrochordons

Medically a skin tag is referred to as an acrochordon (or acrochorda if you have more than one). They are usually harmless and once formed and depending on your lifestyle, they do not grow or change much over time.

Skin tags are outgrowths or little flaps of skin that may look like a small piece of soft hanging skin that have suddenly appeared. They can look like and be mistaken for pimples, moles or warts.

Where the tag attaches, the connection may be a slender stem or a broad area as wide as the tag. The surface of a tag may be smooth or irregular and while they are usually small and seldom larger than a grain of

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Your Most Sensitive Organ

Stimulate Your Most Sensitive Organ

Spend time in nature to balance skin receptivity

Before your mind starts wandering, your skin is the most sensitive organ in your body.

The skin is the interface between us and the outside world. It is the first line of defence against microscopic invaders; and it is also a link to the physiological world within our own bodies.

Your skin is loaded with sense receptors or nerve endings. These receptors, sense heat, cold, touch sensation and pain. But every time you touch something or something or someone touches you; a sensation is felt in those touch receptors and a signal is sent to your brain.

Then your brain decides what is touching your

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Skin Care

The barrier that protects from our environment

Your body is a temple and the chemical industry doesn’t care if your skin ages prematurely, or if you get cancers from using unhealthy products. Many companies like bio oil want to make a quick buck while other products have a track record of not causing harm and healing.

The natural skin care industry does care and consequently natural skin care products are more popular. Natural products are what people have been using for thousands of years and today they are well researched and safety tested.

Why go natural?

According to a 2007 study by the Environmental Working Group, the average North American adult takes in 168 hazardous chemicals

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Clear Pores

The lasting effects of acne can endure

Clear skin always

The teen years are a trying time for any person. Although the worries and cares of adulthood are still far into the future, the teen is not exactly a happy and relaxed person.

Not only do teenagers had to navigate the double standards and bigotry of the adult world, they often fear for their physical safety. But added to this is a competitiveness and desire to be successful that is limited by pimples otherwise affectionately known as zits.

This unsightly condition is the bane of many teenagers because of the effects it has at psychological level. It doesn’t take a lot to foster a negative self image in

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