Tamil Nadu

A Great Southern Land

Tamil Nadu is one of India’s 28 states located in the southernmost part of the Indian Peninsula. Its capital and largest city once named Madras is now called Chennai which is well connected by air to Australia, Singapore and other international destinations.

There are many ancient temples in Tamil Nadu, some of the most famous are in Madurai built to commemorate the ocean rise at the end of the ice age. Indian temples are not places of prayer, they are power places to help raise the human spirit.

Geographically Tamil Nadu is bound by the Eastern Ghats in the north, the Nilgiri hills, the Anamalai Hills and Palakkad in the west. The Bay of Bengal

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Sri Lanka

This island off the coast of south India is where you can discover golden beaches, virgin rain forests, lush green rice paddies and desert-like plains. Sri Lanka offers travelers diverse experiences and seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. But it is the hospitality of the primarily Buddhist Sri Lankan people that makes travel in Sri Lanka truly delightful.