Stewart Island

Rakiura New Zealand

Stewart Island is as far south as most people can get without going to Patagonia, knowing the right people or having special resources. It’s home to birds, lots of New Zealand natives on an island largely free of predators and covered in ancient podocarp forests compared to the main land.

The village of Oban is the main arrival point via a fast ferry from Bluff that takes an hour on what can be a rough crossing, but that can be an adventure in itself. Sooty Shearwater (mutton birds) and albatross are commonly seen. Oban has a small supermarket with the basics including coffee to go and sandwiches. Otherwise there are meals at the pub, fish and

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Stewart Island

The most southern isle

Stewart Island bay by Here be kiwis

Whether you are a New Zealander or from another country, you will enjoy the magical atmosphere of Stewart Island. The people who live there do so because they value the special qualities of the island; clear clean waters, lush rain forest, the at times ‘bracing climate’ and a very relaxed lifestyle.

You may come to enjoy the land and seascapes, see the rare indigenous kiwi (a nocturnal flightless bird about the size of a chicken and a very long bill), fish, dive or just relax, A Stewart Island holiday will provide experiences to keep you coming back for more.

The Islanders are intrepid Southerners,

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