Rembering Vlad Dracula

And his responsiveness to Muslim invasions

Is there any relevance to this historical figure, a man who has been vilified across the world as a monster, a tyrant, a bloodthirsty psychopath and of course a vampire in the realm of popular entertainment?

One must realise that troubled times breed men and women who act ‘abnormally’ to deal with the various shapes of adversity. What the teenage Vlad ČšepeČ™ (the second son of Vlad Dracul, who became the ruler of Wallachia in 1436) was dealing with were the divisions of a newly Christianised Europe and rule by fear. As Christianity took root, society became more pleasantly capitalist for some with a more clearly defined class structure or cast

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Planet Earth Survival Basics

All life is precious but more so to us are the lives of our selves and families, yet we live a life punctuated by disasters and the earth is despite its beauty and ability to sustain life is a disaster zone where human or any life is of no consequence. When disaster strikes, it often comes without warning and survival is helped by knowing where you are and the relationships of aspects of and with the earth.

Planet Earth

Our earth is a hot ball of molten rock and metals contained within a thin crust of stone and water which is subject to the effects of gravity of our sun, moon and other planets. This crust is broken into tectonic

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