My Massage Business

Massaging in Sydney

Mai writes:

I should perhaps tell you at the outset that I am an Australian born Asian girl and I pretty much keep to myself. Like I am not particularly social because I find most people boring so I actually prefer to read books which is perhaps what got me into massage because I figured it was a way I could help people so:

A year ago I finished my massage and beauty therapy training and almost straight away I got a part-time job in a beauty clinic. Initially I was delighted but because I was Asian I got given all the clients that no one else wanted. Initially I didn’t mind too much and chalked it

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A great southern land

Downtown Sydney

The worlds largest Island, or smallest continent… this large low lying land mass has dense tropical rain forests in North East Queensland, temperate forests around the coast and burning hot deserts in the interior and some of the strangest animals in the world. Have you seen an animal with a ducks bill, a beavers tail and webbed feet? The platypus is one of Australia’s many unusual creatures.

The thought of Australia may conjure up images of The Sydney Opera House, Ayer’s Rock, and characters like Crocodile Dundee or Skippy the Kangaroo, or the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo. However there is no image or description can quite prepare you for the overwhelming

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