Travel in a world at war

Updated from 2016

Gaia – The World Tree. How do you want to live?

Why travel and how to stay safe? Actually very few countries are safe, you can get shot or blown up in almost any country and even in relatively safe countries like New Zealand, many foreign drivers die in road accidents through their own negligence.

With the spread of terrorism, some people are becoming afraid just to go to work let alone travel. The violence the Middle East continues to escalate with recent attacks in Paris, Egypt and Turkey as Europe struggles to maintain law and order due to the influx of refugees.

Therefore, wherever you go in the world your own safety

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Insanity is An Infectious Disease

The worlds most misunderstood disease

No one is sure how long modern humans have lived on earth. Some suspect that it may have only be 200,000 years, and while we have survived, it’s debatable if we have actually evolved. We have figured out what it takes to survive physically and technically, but we have always been at odds about what it takes to survive intellectually and emotionally.

We know that we have a fundamental desire to be happy, and we know that happiness comes from the fulfilment of our desires. Yet for a great many people, the fulfilment of those desires is dependent on other people’s compliance, unhappiness and sometimes even their termination.

There was a time when we simply

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Global warming

And a climate of change

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Some people argue that global warming is a myth while others live in a reality that global warming helps to explain. In many countries the lakes and rivers that people enjoyed 50 years ago have dried up or become too polluted to enjoy. We know that the atmosphere is slowly warming up compared to what it was 200 years ago and we can see the effects of that in the increasing volatility of our weather.

Rather than seek to defend the argument for or against, it may be more useful to look at the changes in the environment and life on earth.

If we step back into history, some 30,000

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On a Mission

An exciting month in West Africa

Out hiking 8 months later

Hi, my name is Sarah, my family are Baptists although what they believe never made much sense. When I was 14 and to curb my drive to simply be myself, they persuaded me to participate in a VSA program. It was mostly because I found my own family so irritating that I agreed to go, though I had no idea what I was getting in to.

So a couple of months later I spent a week in Paris brushing up on my French and then flew to Senagal where I was met by John and Mary Taylor. They were like my parents but even worse in that sickly

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The absent joy of Islam

They’re not happy in Gaza They’re not happy in Egypt They’re not happy in Libya They’re not happy in Morocco They’re not happy in Iraq They’re not happy in Iran They’re not happy in Yemen They’re not happy in Afghanistan They’re not happy in Lebanon They’re not happy in Pakistan They’re not happy in Syria


They’re happy in Australia They’re happy in Canada They’re happy in England They’re happy in France They’re happy in Italy They’re happy in Germany They’re happy in Sweden They’re happy in USA They’re happy in Denmark They’re happy in Norway They’re happy in Holland

Basically they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim and

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The war of terror

The war to end terror is terror itself

Great Britain was the worlds greatest power up until World war 2, and it gave much of it’s empire to the USA in return for goods and services to help defeat Hitler. By the time that war ended and Japan was defeated, America had discovered its invincibility and was planning its global takeover. Toward the end of World War II. There was a scramble for world domination, but America made Japan its ally and claimed the entire Pacific region as its own territory. The world then suffered a long period of uncertainty as endured the Korean War, the Cold War and the Vietnam war.

All this time, America was quietly making strategic

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