Sanatana Dharma

Creating The Eternal Way of Peace and Happiness

I have previously described Dharma as a way of living harmoniously with each other and with nature in the now. An extended meaning gives us Sanatana Dharma, meaning harmonising or enabling the best outcome not only for mankind, but for all life on Earth, for all eternity. To appreciate the evolution of this understanding, we must also ask the how and why it came about?

At some point that we may assume as a ‘beginning’, our historic ancestors began to more closely observe, remember and seek greater understanding of the phenomenal world, internally and externally. Perhaps this was the birth of true intellect as a tool of discernment and appreciation instead

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Psychology & Psychotherapy

The study and treatment of the human mind

Psychology is essentially the study of the mind, including logic, reason, emotion, conscious and unconscious mental processes and behaviour. It is also associated with neuroscience and the study of the brain to the extent that psychology has become an umbrella term for a wide variety of ‘disciplines’, paradigms, religions and cults that are not clearly definable as medical, philosophical or sociological disciplines.

If you were to visit a psychologist, he or she would have the view that psychology acknowledges the potential of behaviour problems being learned responses which can be corrected with therapy and education, whereas:

Psychiatry considers that behavioural problems are actual medical illnesses with physical causes despite the fact that

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“Every one of our thoughts arises and passes like a beat of our heart. We are this Process. We are this Dance. We cannot escape It!

And who makes this heart beat? Not us! We are at its mercy. At any moment, our heart could stop and this occurrence of a separate self wrapped up in a body-mind matrix would end. This entire display of form and Stillness of which we are a mere audience would disappear back into Eternal Stillness until the beginning of the next show.

Yet, we take each thought and wrap it into a story of “I” which we believe to be real. We miss the simplicity of each instant, each beat and silence of our

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Thoughts Are Things

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