Bisphenol A

The poison in plastics

Bisphenol A is most often referred to as BPA for short and it’s one of the more contentious chemicals in daily use by most people. It’s a chemical that’s widely used in food and beverage packaging to protect food from contamination and extend shelf life. It’s also used in a great many non-food products including most polycarbonate plastics.

So it may be in the frames and lenses of your spectacles, water and drink bottles, the plastic components of your car, many canned foods, food containers and even some clothing. Many believe that this hormone-disrupting industrial chemical poses greatest risk to pregnant women, infants and children. Because BPA acts in the human body (and animals) as an

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Dangerous frequencies

Radiation exists as waves of energy travelling through space and matter, and is classified by frequency. Some is beneficial, some is harmless and some can cause genetic deformity or kill.

As our sun radiates its light and heat through space, the Earth absorbs radiation as do our bodies. We know that getting some sun on our skin is essential for our health and the acquisition of vitamin D. But if we get to much sun, we get sunburn and sometimes skin cancers.

But there are many more forms of radiation, some of which some are more immediately fatal. Exposure to radiation emitted by uranium and nuclear fission causes many health problems, especially cancers.

Today we live in a

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