Water Holds Memory

Ancient knowledge confirmed by modern science

Copper, the ideal water storage. Note it must be well cleaned regularly

Most of us tend to think as water as a convenience and something to nourish our bodies. In fact we can’t live more than about three days without water which makes it a necessity for life.

Within ancient yogic and Hindu understanding, water was highly respected and even venerated because there was the knowledge that our bodies were approximately 70% water. So while water had all its practical applications, the perception of water was that as an entity it has memory.

Memory of water is subtle and yet powerful, if you mistreat the water it will not nurture and support life.

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The stuff of life

The water carriers

Most of us appreciate the value of fresh water and without it we could not survive. The entire substance of our bodies is about 70% water, but this is more in babies who are almost 80% water and it decreases to almost 60% in older adults.

It is interesting that the surface area of the earth is also about 70% water and it plays a major role in the metabolism of our planet, but that’s another story.

Water forms part of the chemical substance of all our tissues and even our bones, it supports out health, our lives and plays many roles within our bodies including:

Forming saliva and digestive fluids. It

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Politics and Water

The Crises of Commerce and Supply


The process of climate change is an evolutionary process. Over the past 6000 years, the Sahara desert has continued to expand, but desert regions around the world are all expanding. And of course you must realise that what creates a desert is a lack of water.

As our population and industry continue to grow, evermore demands are being placed on a diminishing water supply. One of the features lying underneath most landmasses is that there are underground aquifers, reservoirs of water that can be accessed by well.

The well has been a feature of civilisation for many millennia, but one of the common features of all wells is that over time they

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Water Purifiers

Water Filtration & Purification – What system do you need?

An alpine river in New Zealand, but unsafe to drink from

Our bodies are about 50% water and while we can live for a month without food, we can only survive two or three days without water.

Most people regard access to clean water as a human right however the corporations that rule the world see water as a commodity and therefore people have no rights.

Most city dwellers must pay for water and the quality of that water is dubious. It possibly contains fluoride, chlorine and other contaminants which can be detrimental to peoples health.

There was a time when it was safe to drink from

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