A region left out

Westland is an area bounded by the Southern Alps to the east and the Tasman Sea to the west is only 10 miles wide by some 600 miles long. At one time this region had more hotels than any other per head of population. The town of Westport once had 26 hotels on its main street, now it may have only 5.

Places to visit are the museums in most towns for relics of pioneer life. The pancake rock formations at Punakaiki. Shanti-town near the town of Greymouth, where you can pan for gold and see how the early settlers lived. There are opportunities to walk and climb in the valleys, mountains

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A place time tries to forget

Tauranga Bay, 20 mins drive west of Westport where there is a seal colony and coastal walkway.

Westport is the largest town and commercial centre for the Buller District in north Westland. It sits at the mouth of the Buller River which is one of New Zealand’s largest rivers.

The town was founded on gold mining and later coal which is still mined in the district. Westport also has is a large cement factory and agriculture plays an important part of the local economy with dairying, beef cattle and sheep farming.

It is also a fishing port which is large enough to be served by coastal trading ships and the occasional cruise liner.

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