Stewart Island

Rakiura New Zealand

Stewart Island is as far south as most people can get without going to Patagonia, knowing the right people or having special resources. It’s home to birds, lots of New Zealand natives on an island largely free of predators and covered in ancient podocarp forests compared to the main land.

The village of Oban is the main arrival point via a fast ferry from Bluff that takes an hour on what can be a rough crossing, but that can be an adventure in itself. Sooty Shearwater (mutton birds) and albatross are commonly seen. Oban has a small supermarket with the basics including coffee to go and sandwiches. Otherwise there are meals at the pub, fish and

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Auzzi Wildlife

Amazing ad often dangerous

The Australian Emu

The Australian bush is a magical place, with wallabies and birds, lizards and insects making any walk in the beautiful areas just outside Sydney, however short is worth it.

Kangaroos will make their appearances at odd times – it is likely if you are driving out in the countryside at dusk or dawn you will see some, hopefully not in front of your car whilst driving. This is a common cause of car accidents in Australia.

Many Australian critters bite, sting and may be deadly poisonous, so keep out of biting or stinging range and if you are unfortunate enough to get a spider or snake bite, or a jellyfish sting,

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Nature and Wildlife

In Namibia

By Porfirio Delaney

Namibia is a vast country – 825,418 square kilometers of scenic, varied landscapes rendered in high-contrast color film. It is no wonder that this peaceful nation is a favorite among photographers, especially the Sossusvlei sand dunes or the famed but feared Skeleton Coast in the Namib Desert, the awe-inspiring depths of Fish River Canyon, and the endless plains of the Kaokoveld. Strangely-shaped rock formations, dormant volcanoes and giant dinosaur footprints round out the diversity of this stark, hauntingly beautiful land. These features provide so much variety to your sightseeing. For the more artistic eye, the tones, textures and forms of these landscape features have made Namibia a popular destination among photographers.


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