Sexy and sometimes downright funny

After some forty years of massaging it seems as if there is nothing left about people to surprise me. When the clothes come off, they are either shy, frightened or somehow emboldened, especially if some mind altering substance such as alcohol or other drug has been consumed prior to their arrival or an appointment.

On the other hand they may have been reading their favourite romance novel or watching porn and have formed certain ideas of what massage is all about and what they really desire.

When I consider all the things that have happened to me I can only conclude that we are rather strange

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The Cost of Progress

And how do we value life?

As a species we generally say that we believe all life is sacred and we respect our fellow human beings. But these two ideas are in relation to the one’s own survival and perhaps one’s community. Every year countless lives are lost in conflict organised by people who should know better. Every year countless lives are lost in construction and the production of our technologies. In some regions, farmers are so badly treated that they resort to suicide.

When we look at conflict, the argument may be over land or resources to create new technologies yet behind this is a small collective who believe that they have the right to send the youth of

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Exploitation of Women

An age old practice

For the past 6000 years women have been second-class citizens although since the Industrial Revolution, it seems as if they have been allowed a degree of freedom. Allowed away from the kitchen and child-minding provided they look pretty and don’t have an opinion.

When times get tough women most often find themselves confined to the kitchen except on rare occasions as when back in the 1700’s, women stormed the palace of Versailles and demanded social equity. They didn’t get it then and it wasn’t long before French women became the most oppressed in Europe.

In today’s Middle Eastern war, it is the Kurdish and Yazidi women who have taken up weapons against daesh as have other

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Workaholism, Leisure and Pleasure

Finding the work life balance

by Sam Vaknin

The official working week has been reduced to 35 hours a week in France. In most countries in the world, it is limited to 45 hours a week. The trend during the last century seems to be unequivocal: less work, more play.

Yet, what may be true for blue collar workers or state employees – is not necessarily so for white collar members of the liberal professions. It is not rare for these people – lawyers, accountants, consultants, managers, academics – to put in 80 hour weeks.

The phenomenon is so widespread and its social consequences so damaging that it has acquired the unflattering nickname workaholism, a combination of the words “work”

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Cumulative Trauma Injuries

Stress Disorders

Referred to as Occupational Over Use (OOS), Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

The painful symptoms of OOS, RSI and CTS are most common in the hands, arms and shoulders, and to some extent the upper back and neck. These conditions or syndromes have been the focus of much attention in recent decades due to suggestions that they are linked to occupations that require repetitive use of the hands – such as typing, product assembly or packaging.

Cumulative Trauma Injuries are a great concern to insurance companies around the world as they struggle to avoid the great many compensation claims that have arisen, yet they fail to invest adequately in preventive measures. Another consequence is

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Sweet mama

A handy man’s story

Some say a man is driven by the dream of having sex and it motivates his actions. Most have the sensibility not to force themselves on women and women are often reported as giving favour to the well socialised handy man. Is this story true of fantasy? You decide.

Sent in by Jake

I earn a living as a handy guy and do all those little jobs around the home that most husbands can’t be bothered. A few weeks back I got a call from a lady called Brenda and arranged to do some work at her house. I dutifully arrived a few minutes ahead of the scheduled time and when I knocked on the door,

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ONCE there were a group of man – a young hot-blood guy and a big number of old folks, doing a job in a jungle of chopping down trees.

This young chap is very hard working … he continue to work through the break time and complained that those old folks were wasting time having to break few times a day to drink and chat. As times goes by, this young guy notice that even though he work thru break time and hardly take rest those old folks are just chopping the same amount of trees as he did and sometimes did more than he did as if those old folks work thru the break time as he did.


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