A rape game

taharrYou may have heard brief mention of this on your local TV news and quickly shut out from your mind. This is a game played by poorly educated young men, they typically gang up on a girl and if they consider they can get away with it, they will sexually molest, tear her clothes off and sometimes rape her.

The current story in the media is that this game is Islamic, but it's not. It happens all around the world where children are not properly educated and socialised. In the West where kids fear getting into trouble, they seldom go beyond aggravated flirting and touching.

Yet it's quite common in the world of sport to hear of girls being gang raped during after match parties. While most of this story is about adolescents, it also happens with adults who should know better. So why does this happen and is there anything we can do to make girls and women safer?

The response from leaders like Angla Merkel is that girls should cover themselves head to foot and not make themselves look pretty. She is submitting to Islam, but young men's brains are overpowered by their hormones meaning that they have no idea about right and wrong which makes this a disease. Mind you Islamic doctrine permits the rape of non-Islamic women which comes from a culture where women have no value beyond their market price.

freefemWhile gang rape has not been exactly uncommon across Europe, with the flood of Islamic migrants, it has become a daily event and society needs to take some action to protect their girls and women.

In a perfect world, we should all be able to wear whatever we like or even go about completely naked without being threatened or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. However the morality of Christianity has decreed in most places that we be appropriately dressed.

Believe it or not, there are actually small numbers of women who imagine they might enjoy being gang raped and there is an even smaller minority who actually enjoy this. It might seem rather perverse to most moralists, but it's common that women who are gang raped get killed during the act or soon afterwards.

Sweden, February 3rd, 2016
"Feminists launched a campaign against men who want to protect women from being raped. What you probably have NOT heard about however, (or find hard to believe) is the feminist outcry (surprise surprise!) against these noble berserkers. Indeed, the rage was so great, they created the hashtag #inteerkvinna (translated as #notyourwoman) where they spewed their hatred over racism, fascism, white men and many other things that can be loosely tied to the events with some cognitive dissonance. In short, they made a collective tantrum on social media over the fact that white European men are standing up to the rape-fugees." Please don't protect us

Laura Logan tells her story

The real problem is that we live in a patriarchal society governed by a religious morality that has no basis in reality. Within a patriarchy men believe that they are in charge, that they are in control, but they are not. This is one of the many great delusions that we have to face in this lifetime.

We would as the Dalai llama recently said that we would be much better off with a matriarchal society because women are less concerned about dominating the world and proving any right or wrong, they want to ensure the survival of our species along with a comfortable lifestyle.

Until such time as we saw ourselves out as a civilisation and a species coexistent with all other life, these problems are not going to go away. So we must look at what drives young men to commit these acts?

Within Islam, this is not only part of their culture, it is written into their religious scriptures and because they believe was written in these books, there is absolutely no solution. The only temporary reprieve for our women is that like in Saudi Arabia, they completely conceal their bodies and only ever leave the house with a guardian.

For this to be accepted in Europe or any part of the Western world would be a step back into the dark ages and ultimately submission to Islam. Until such time that belief systems are modernised in keeping with a more comfortable reality and our children are properly educated this problem will not go away.

tahruUnfortunately we are in the situation where the leadership of the Western world is trembling in fear of Islam and today in 2016, it seems that most governments are prepared to sacrifice their populations for their own personal gains. Yet regardless of what country we live in, we must continue to urge our political leaders to do what is required to protect the hard-won freedoms that are enjoyed today within Western civilisation.

We come to a time when most of the soldiers who fought in World War I have almost completely gone and those who also fought for our liberty in World War II are on their way out. But I think those who have gone will be rolling in their graves in discust and many of those who remain from the second war will be realising that their efforts were in vain. They may have stopped Adolf Hitler, but Islam seems unstoppable.

This seems rather strange that we now live in an age where lies carry more weight than truth and fantasies and beliefs walk over reality. So the answers lie in 'if'.

  • If the politicians can do the right thing by the people.
  • If the politicians can wake up to the reality that is unfolding.
  • If all those stupid people stopped fighting.
  • If patriarchy - men learned to share the world.
  • If boys and men learned to respect their mothers and women.
  • If all those stupid people got an education.

You may remember there's an old song "if it is an illusion, if is a delusion."

My survival story

I was asked to go to my father's house which was something of an ordeal because there were large crowds rioting in Tahrir Square and it was impossible to get a taxi. I knew my way through the city quite well and to be safer, I wore a hijab.

I set out walking quickly and ignored everyone. As I crossed one of the main roads three young men accosted me but some strong words sent them on their way. In my effort to avoid people I turned into a narrow street and I was feeling pleased with myself when a couple of cocky young men walked alongside me and tried to flirt.

There were few other people near and the boys are making me feel uncomfortable but they wouldn't leave. Then they were talking about me and not to me then suggested that I might be a modern girl because my clothes looked Western. I said it was none of their business and I hand to brush their hands away a few times.

We came to a crowded place and the boys had gone from my perception, I felt safe and continued. But then they were back with some of their friends and they started making rude comments about how they'd like to have sex with me and joking amongst themselves.

They were annoying and making me angry but I'd heard about boys harassing women so I didn't show them the extent of my anger because I thought that may trigger a more violent response from them. But I was relieved that they weren't trying to touch me, it was all verbal but I could see how they were all egging each other on.

In desperation I made an abrupt turn into a very narrow lane which forced the boys into single file behind me, but the boy behind began pinching my bottom and pulling my hair. Then as I stepped out of the other end there was another group of boys barring my way. I asked nicely and then as they wouldn't move, I tried to push through them which was when one of them snatched my bag and I found myself standing amidst a big group of boys.

I could see a couple of the boys in leadership roles and they were all trying to impress each other with smart words which were insulting to me. They'd finished joking about the contents of my bag when someone pulled my blouse free of my waistband. And then someone else pulled away my hijab. (A hijab is a headscarf.)

Then they were joking about how pretty I was and a couple of them were stroking my hair. Then one of the bigger boys stood in front of me and demanded that we should have sex because he knew how to make a girl like me very happy. His friends thought it was all a big joke and then someone behind me took hold of my blouse and pulled it back over my shoulders. The buttons at the front all popped open leaving my body very exposed.

Then they were grabbing at me from all directions and moments later I realised my bra was off even though I hardly felt it though I could certainly feel their hands grabbing and squeezing my breasts. I'd only heard a few vague rumours about this thing going on and I had no idea what to do. As I struggled to keep them off me I thought that if I fought really hard, I just end up getting killed but if I didn't fight, I'd be raped by 10 or 20 stupid young men.

The guy who looked like he was the most senior was squeezing my breasts uncomfortably and another couple of boys had their hands inside my pants, but then I realised I wasn't wearing any pants, I was completely naked and hands were smothering my body.  So I faced up to a guy who looked like the ringleader and I put my hand down inside his pants and asked him if he was going to rape me.

I was relieved to feel that he had a very small penis but then he ejaculated in my hand and I laughed. I saw his hand coming and ducked. His hand carried on and slapped the face of someone else but I managed to check my laughter. Then they started chanting "fuck her" and moments later I was forced onto the ground and about six of them raped me.

Somehow they all looked hysterical and I laughed at them which I think put them off. I was relieved that they were so sexually inept because their penises seem to hardly touch me before they ejaculated and made way for someone else. I think that whole incident after they'd cornered me only took about 15 minutes and then I was left sitting naked in the middle of the street.

As soon as the boys had gone, a couple of women appeared, they said they'd seen what had been going on but they were too afraid to intervene. They gave me some new clothes and I completed the rest of my journey without incident.

I knew I couldn't tell my family what had happened because traditionally it's always the woman's fault. I had a few bruises but nothing serious and a few weeks later I went to a medical centre for a sexual health check. Thankfully I hadn't picked up any infections and it took a week for all my bruises to go away but they were mostly caused by them grabbing around the top of my legs. Since then I have been more careful about going out by myself and some expert massages to my entire body somehow made me feel restored.

I tell other girls to be careful about going out on the streets by themselves, but I'm too shy to tell this story to anyone I know. So if you put it on your website, other girls might at least survive.

Now here's some advice. The only real safety is never getting into this situation, but life cannot always be planned. When being harassed, you must maintain your own self-control and work out which boys are the strongest almost threatening. Then if you are trapped like I was and there is no way out, do your best to take charge of the situation.

These boys are so stupid that if you are a little but nice to them and you can make them ejaculate quickly, they will become much more passive, In my ordeal I hardly felt the sex because their penises were small and ineffective but it might be a different case with strong men who know what they are doing..

Sabrina Ibrahim

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  • Severis

    terrorThanks for this glorious article. However some media say that taharrush is not Arab cultural practice. They pass of the term “taharrush gamea or gama’ei” as just meaning “group harassment” in Arabic. But commentators who have studied Islam agree that it also means a gang-rape game and that it’s a normal thing in the Arab World alonside wife beating, stoning, beheading and the legalisation of what most Westerners consider atrocities.

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