Tales of Infidelity

A wife's indulgences part one

ssngHi there, I've known for several years that quite a few acquaintances have been sleeping around outside of their marriages and it's pretty hard to conceal because people gossip and brag. My friend Jenny had quite a thing going on with their gardener until one day her husband came home and caught them. They live four doors away and one day I actually heard them screaming at each other, but the next day they were as normal as ever although the gardener was sacked.

Then there was Nancy and Ted who lived opposite us, he was having an affair with his secretary but when his wife found out they divorced and we have some charming new neighbours. They are a handsome couple, Sally is a schoolteacher and she is away most days but Jerry is a plumber who works from home.

As for me, I'd always thought that affairs and even casual sex outside of marriage were strictly taboo even though they made for some interesting gossip. I have the good fortune to work from home doing IT work and Danny, my husband of two years is an accountant who's generally away from home by 8 a.m. to sometimes late in the evening.

Life is fairly pleasant and by the way I'm 23 and people tell me I am good-looking though I try not to let it go to my head. In terms of clothes, because it's always warm to hot here,I wear as little as I can get away with and often spend part of my days naked. But as I have couriers and clients who come to the house, I always have a choice of professionally smart dresses I can slip on to answer the door.

I also spend time talking to clients over Skype and I have my camera adjusted so that they can only see my head and shoulders. If you guys have asked what I was wearing but I told them that it was none of their business in a way that didn't invite them repeating the question.

Because I'm on the Internet all the time, I'm always being exposed to porn and sometimes thought that I'd like to have more sex.  Danny delivers, but like a good Jewish boy it's usually on Friday night unless I seduce him, and that's been the total of my sex life since marriage.

Then a few weeks back one of our drains blocked up and I noticed that Jerry's truck was parked in his driveway. That was one of those days where I was just wearing a big sloppy T-shirt and nothing else. Realising that I needed a plumber, I was about to go and put some clothes on when I saw Jerry was about to leave so I dashed across the road and asked for his help. He said that he had an urgent job to do somewhere else and he'd be back in about an hour.

In those few seconds I felt an urge come over me so I hurried back into my office and got back to work even I couldn't stop thinking about him. I knew I shouldn't be thinking such things and I soon recovered my focus. I kept an eye on the time and I'd just time put on a pair of shorts before I opened the door. It was somehow refreshing talking plumbing and I didn't really care that my boobs jiggled or that he was clearly enjoying the sight; he had manners not to stare.

He told me what the job entailed, I asked if he'd like a cup of coffee and he said he would in half an hour so. I went in and one of my clients phoned which distracted me for a while and then I made coffee. Trying to be good neighbours, we'd had a few meals together so I remembered how he liked his coffee and I called him that it was ready. He took off his overalls, scrubbed his hands and after telling me that the drain had been blocked by a dead snake that he'd removed, we sat at the table we chatted about his business over coffee and biscuits.

He was wearing a pair of shorts and a singlet and I found a very hard not to stare at his muscular chest and arms. But he was occasionally glancing at my boobs and I must admit he was tempting providence and I must admit that I was displaying an ample amount of cleavage.

Had Danny been there, I would have been much more properly dressed and I was saved when he got a call. He had another urgent job to do and as we walked outside, he said that he wouldn't charge me for the job because we were good neighbours and all, but in the closeness of the hallway our bodies touched in and it was like an electric shock went through me which stimulated my genitals. Then he was gone but I was amazed that I felt so aroused and attracted to him. I struggled through another hour of work and then it was time to start organising dinner.

I thought about him quite a lot and almost a week passed before he took me up on that offer of a coffee break. It was good timing because I'd just finished a project and the client was happy. I was naked at my desk when he called to check that now was convenient.  I hastily pulled on a mini dress, one wore for clients and dashed down to invite him in. I felt kind of breathless as I opened the door and there he was looking ever so manly in a white singlet and blue shorts.

When he and his wife had come for dinner and when we'd been to their place, we'd done the affectionate hug and kissed  each other cheeks, so I spontaneously hugged him and he put his arm around me. But as we exchanged kisses I felt his hand on my bare arse and I realised that I hadn't pulled the hem of my dress down properly and my arse was rather exposed. I apologised for my disarray and as I fumbled to pull my hem down with his hand still in the way and I realised some part of me didn't want to break contact.

He laughed and said "that feels nice". I felt unusually nervous as I pushed his hand away and straightened my hem, but I'd pulled down too hard and showed more cleavage than appropriate. He laughed and told me that I was a very good-looking woman as I led him through to the kitchen and didn't bother readjusting my dress. Like what was the point? He'd just put his hand on my bare arse and had a good look at my boobs. I knew I liked him and there was no harm in him seeing. I thought of raping him, but restrained myself and put the kettle on. He was standing close beside me and looking more closely at my boobs. I told him he was cheeky and he said I was gorgeous, so I said what about Sally? He said that they had an arrangement where they were allowed to give in to temptation and that I was exceedingly tempting and next thing I knew he was exposing my boobs.

I kind of stood frozen in indecision from moment, but then his mouth found my nipple and his hand slid up the back inside of my leg and I was lost. He fucked me right there against the kitchen bench before taking me from behind as I lay over the kitchen table. I came twice and then we got down on the floor and we rolled around kissing and fucking and having a great time. We may have continued except his phone was ringing and he had another job to do. Our coffee was almost cold and after he'd gone I cleaned the kitchen before preparing a nice evening meal for Danny and life continued as normal.

That's all I've got time to write now but there's more and I need to tell someone about this because I know Danny wouldn't understand and I'm not sure whether I should see my sexuality as some kind of a problem?


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  • Jean Bertrand

    This is a subject I have talked about with many friends in similar situations. We meet someone beautiful and agreeable but after the marriage she wants to changes or makes her happiness dependent on our compliance which is a kind of enforced suffering. But it applies equally to men and women but if we could just accept each other and not try to change each other, there would be much less infidelity. But then there’s the argument that we are not biologically programmed to remain completely monogamous, that’s just a social convention for raising children

  • Joy

    This is significant for me as a year ago I learned my husband was having a bit on the side, but not exactly an affair. Life was otherwise great, he’s generous and kind as always and I asked myself because I’ve read the statistics, should I be upset or make a noise?
    I held off for 2 months and he din’t know I knew so waited with the feeling is that what’s fair for him should be fair for me? I started reading about infidelity and know few people are totally faithful like the moralists say we should. Then I got to know some of his dates trying not to compare and after 4 months I went on a date and liked it.
    I realised then that monogamy was limited and sex is fun so I dated guys including some I didn’t particularly like, just for the experience. 8 months later I raised the subject of infidelity with him and when I pressed, he admitted to it but also attested his love and commitment to me.
    So I said that if it was okay for him, I’d accept if he’d grant me the same consideration. Being a lawyer and given the way I framed my words, he agreed. So now we’re happy swingers and talk about our lovers. Good luck out there.

  • Kamron

    Look, everyone cheats in some way so why don’t we accept this and stay married instead of divorcing?

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