The outcome of Human Inventiveness

Modern technology has reached a point where we can step out into space, view distant galaxies and look inside the atom although we have yet to define anything. All we really do is give names to the phenomenon we discover and calculate then apply how such phenomenon may serve us.

The main thrust of modern technological development is to create consumer items, improved weaponry to kill people and increase corporate profits which is rather a tragic motivation. The main thrust of all technological developments should be to serve human well-being.

There has never been a time in human history when we have been so well off. 500 years ago our technology was mechanical, physical or wind powered. Today it's electrically or nuclear powered and there seems no limit to technological creativity.

However our technological progress has come at a great cost, already we've used up most of the resources on this planet and by 2050 experts predict that we will need another planet similar to Earth in order to provide the raw materials necessary to maintain our technological progress.

On the other hand technology is costing a great deal directly in human lives involved in gathering the resources needed to make stuff, the depletion of atmospheric oxygen and the pollution from all the waste products that we no longer have need of.

Already plastics are in part responsible for a large number of human health problems not to mention the die off and extinction of many other species that were essential for our well-being.

This universe is a technology

Science has torn apart nature in an attempt to understand what and who we are. They have dissected the atom and discovered an unknown universe yet all the properties of existence can be described using mathematics even though existence as we know it is an illusion.

Yogis have been striving this phenomena for many thousands of years but it's only in the past 50 years that modern science is caught up. That's a good thing in many ways because there was of ancient yogis was ridiculed as being impossible, but at long last science has proved them right.

There are clearly limits to what modern science can achieve and aside from the invention of new gadgets to escalate people's desires and levels of comfort. The large hadron Collider in Switzerland has cost untold billions of dollars and all the scientific research going on in the world must be financed by someone.

Toward the unlimited

As the universe and everything in it is technological, so are we humans. Countless generations we have been looking outwards to try to understand and control the world. Under the present circumstances, this seemed like failure because we are doomed to destruction.

The ancient yogis learned by looking inside themselves what science is discovering today. In other words, instead of looking outwards at the world, they turned and looked inside themselves when they found another universe which in the sense is a reflection of what is outside.

The science of yoga is the science of knowing life from the perspective of one's own perception without the need of a microscope. The practice of yoga is so well established that books have been written and the pathway to inner peace clearly defined.

This yogic path in a sense is about not doing, it's about relaxation and expanding consciousness or awareness of one's self and environment. This makes science very personal and subjective within one's own experience, yet the Buddha has shown us that it is possible to directly perceive the nature of an atom.

The real benefit of this kind of science, this inner exploration is that it creates a state of harmony within the individual from which happiness and joy flow. It is only with this knowledge that the world around us can be organised to sustain our lives and the lives of all other species.


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