The Abortion Debate

One of America’s most provocative topics

preggersBefore we start, lets remember that children are valued and necessary for the continuation of our species, yet the world we live in today is over populated and thousands of children die every day due to hunger, malnutrition, neglect and disease.

Now lets jump back into ancient history. Children have always been celebrated, but not all lived due to hardship and the lack of food as much as disease. The people of the land saw that when food was unavailable, animals would leave their young to die rather than prolong their suffering, and many human communities adopted this practise.

In regions where the land could not support many people, surplus new born babies would at considerable cost to the parents, be left out for the wolves. This is a practise known as infanticide which is still common in less developed regions.

The problem of infant mortality and the ability of the environment to support the population has been a concern throughout history and the actions taken to prevent pregnancy and limit the numbers of children were practical steps taken to ensure the survival of the human population.  To get around the problem of infanticide, attempts at contraception were made and some communities practised polyandry, a system where a woman took on several husbands in order to limit population growth.

In today's world where we have a population that is expected to reach 9 billion x 2050, we're going to need several more planets to meet our basic needs and maintain our current lifestyle. Therefore there is a real need to have fewer children and abortion is simply an option for women who accidentally become pregnant, who know that they are unable to provide a reasonable quality of life for the new child or that their baby will be physically or mentally handicapped.

Many today argue that those parents should simply have avoided having sex. But sex is the most unique human experience that bonds individuals, alleviates suffering and provides a real pleasure and soul connection akin to meditation. Some pundits say that sex actually gave rise to meditation, the concepts of transcendence and methodology to end suffering.  So we can’t go without sex because if we do, we become ill and sex is essential for our well being.

With the rise of the church of Rome, population became a numbers game tied to economics, the greater the population, the more followers, workers and soldiers the state had at its command. But more importantly population growth was about increasing profits for the ruling elite so contraception and abortion was outlawed by the church.

The church suppressed natural contraception methods and encouraged large families
to the extent the few women who knew the correct use of herbs were likely to be burned as witches.

What is it about abortion today that get people so riled up?

It’s a battle over ideas and beliefs. Some believe in the literal word of the Church and that life begins at the moment of conception, therefore abortion is killing. But these same people often support, crimes against children,  war and genocide?  Pro lifer’s simply argue that the ‘church says’ and therefore women don’t have free will to decide even when they’ve been raped or that the child will be born into a life of suffering and torment. And besides:

“There is no use of the term ‘abort’ in the sense of a medical procedure in the Old or New Testament of the Bible. There are 26 Verses total in the OT and NT with one of the three Greek or Hebrew words in Strong’s Lexicon potentially meaning ‘abortion.’ However, as will be demonstrated, in context, none of the uses in the Bible text has any bearing on the medical procedure of abortion.  In other words, there is no Bible verse that can be cited which specifically says ‘thou shalt not abort.'” ~ JB Hare

Women believe it is their right to choose and may abort if they find themselves incapable of due care for the developing child.

George Carlin on Pro Life, Abortion,
And The Sanctity Of Life

When does the foetus become a child?

According to spiritual communications that cannot be verified, the soul or personality doe not become established until six months after conception and science is far too young to even comment on this.

The hard facts

Most unwanted and unplanned children are born in poor uneducated communities, an children born here are guaranteed a life of suffering and exploitation by the rich.

The bottom line

We need to produce children who are wanted, who are healthy and that their parents and community will be able to provide for them, so it is a woman’s right to choose based on survival instincts and not any ethical argument or imposed morality.

I just don’t want to be forced to become a breeding sow for humanity just because a small group of people gets all moral about a non-existent zygote potentially multiplying in my lady blood-bag just because apparently their god is obsessed with the alleged sanctity of life yet lets little kids starve to death every day ~ Burnt Out Teacher

Judge not that ye shall not be judged and it's a women's choice!

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